Care And Upkeep Of Writers

REVISED. Gad, the first version was meh. Dearest Darling, I confess that I have featured you in numerous provocative and compromising scenarios. I’ve also bumped you off without remorse. Early in our relationship, I would have been embarrassed to let you read how I’ve relied upon your visage and reputation for my content. Over time, … Read more

Tomorrow’s Grunt, Honey Speak and Word Crime

Tomorrow’s Grunt < gaboo > 06/09 11:39:00 Lincoln Barnett’s The Treasure of Our Tongue conveys a plea that language devolves naturally to grunts. Isolation maintains rigidity, whereas a phrase worn by multitudes can erode to mere mesa of its former application. He contends, with seasoned rationale, that the English language actually strives for efficiency, despite … Read more

Various Musings on Self Adjudication

There’s a good movie with Jack Nicholson as a book editor. I like his set up, work at ten am with the manuscript neatly parsed on his big oak desk. He picks up a red pen and begins to paint. I think he was a vampire or something—in the movie. Personally, I think the editor’s … Read more

Why Do Writers Write?

Why does a writer write? This question has perplexed me. Determined, I began to read texts on linguistics and language development. The Treasure of Our Tongue by Lincoln Barnett was a good run through that detailed the formation of language, its purpose, and what path we follow developing how we “talk the way we talk”. … Read more

Sturm und Drang

Literally, storm and stress, Sturm und Drang was a literary viewpoint, a brief, creative movement. The vitality, a flower thrust center point, then lashed to a backdrop of ominous foreboding—extremes, melodramatic, powerful in contrast. There’s beauty in forces greater than ourselves, and amplify the effect with an innocent, frail subject. This, I contend, is a … Read more

Writing for Dollars

I originally wrote this for my blog, but I’ll probably use this cooperative format to gather data. I should also check the old links—heading into spring and all. The following list provides links to reviews and sites that pay writers for articles. If you are writing magazine-style articles, consider submitting to one of the main … Read more

Writing Tips

This post is a collection of writing tips, common errors and resource links to improve writing confidence. Basically, work your craft to make clean, coherent sentences and tell the story. You can plot out charts and graphs, and I do, but the passion and liveliness of the characters comes from inspiration just beyond our fingertips. … Read more

Quick Cash for Writing

Where can I find cash right away for writing? This is no big secret… in your town. People need shoes. People need waffles. People need words. Some only need a menu. Others need a report. Some just need a reader and an edit. In any town, there are people who wish they knew someone who … Read more