Choosing Scenes

There’s a million ‘actions’ to paint. The tough choice is deciding which ones, otherwise the story would occur in real time—that would take too long to write! Composing, I tend to jump right in with the scene that spawned my enthusiasm—the moment that inspired me to write. I like to get out the raw thoughts. … Read more

Story Road Map

Once I know what the story is, have the arc firmly in mind, I come up with a working title and write it at the top of the page. I make a bullet-point under it and write ‘beginning’ beside it. Now, at some point, the opening narrative is going to exhibit an action of some sort. Remember: Narrative builds to action points…

Breaking into Print

There has never been as many writers in the world as there is at this moment. If your aim is to be published in print, you are up against a lot of competition for a currently diminishing market. Electronic media and a tightening economy are taking a toll on traditional publishers and cellulose print medium. … Read more

Writing for Dollars

I originally wrote this for my blog, but I’ll probably use this cooperative format to gather data. I should also check the old links—heading into spring and all. The following list provides links to reviews and sites that pay writers for articles. If you are writing magazine-style articles, consider submitting to one of the main … Read more

Writing Tips

This post is a collection of writing tips, common errors and resource links to improve writing confidence. Basically, work your craft to make clean, coherent sentences and tell the story. You can plot out charts and graphs, and I do, but the passion and liveliness of the characters comes from inspiration just beyond our fingertips. … Read more

Quick Cash for Writing

Where can I find cash right away for writing? This is no big secret… in your town. People need shoes. People need waffles. People need words. Some only need a menu. Others need a report. Some just need a reader and an edit. In any town, there are people who wish they knew someone who … Read more