The Ferris Wheel – Flash Fiction

  I sat wedged between Mama and Ray. My feet dangled. We’d come to Virginia Beach like a family. It was nighttime, and carnival lights pulled me in. “Can we ride?” Three tickets later, we soared in a salty wind. Happy people laughed and screamed. City lights were our magic carpet. The carriage stopped at … Read more

Summer Memories – Bestest Summer

In our ongoing collection of Summer Memories, Gaboo decides lemonade sales make for an enterprising vacation from the parents. …   Bestest Summer Ever Gaboo This had to be the week that my youngest brother was born. He came into the world, a blessing. Not that my younger brother wasn’t also a trinket of joy … Read more

Summer Memories with Adrienne

  Love to Summer I dream of the sun and warm temperatures. Sunglasses and sunscreen. Warm sand between my toes. Bobbing in the waves. Beach walking. Summer love? I would love to know the smell of summer where you grew up. How hot did it get? What did you spend those summers doing? What childhood … Read more

Margaret Dawn! What have you gotten yourself into this time?

March 07 2012 – 12:40 EST Chincoteague – Top ReadThisPlease editorial executives discuss writing asset, M Dawn Thacker, in an impromptu phone call. Transcript as memory serves… “Hey.” “I wanted to ask you, M Dawn? Different angle, yes?” “Easier sell than most. Easy because she’s generalized. Trending towards simpler, my friend. She’s got the content, … Read more

Edition 12 Released! All About First Times

  Remember our first? Edition 12 is all about firsts. Some experiences happen upon us and we acknowledge that this was a personal first, first chances, first disappointments, first moments. We all have opportunities to travel into the unknown and experience a first. Even if a road is traveled a thousand times, the first … Read more

Thanksgiving Is Any Day

Thanksgiving Dinner—I’m having mine today. It doesn’t matter to me anymore, not celebrating holidays on the designated days. So, today after my fitness class at 8 am, I returned home, rolled up my sleeves, and began the festive dinner preparations. First, the pies. My will join me and has requested two: pumpkin and cherry. I … Read more

Ticket To Ride – Edition 10 Is Out

Image © 2011 by Sheila Cano   Edition 10 will soon be out on ebook! Let’s go! Edition 10 is all about travel and motion, getting somewhere, and what we do when we arrive. Traveling takes many forms, so buckle up—we invite you to read some road-ready short stories by the wandering scribes at … Read more

We love You, Dad

We love you, Dad. Sometimes us kids don’t show it—our job is to break out of the nest—but you will always be our number one hero. Enjoy tales by Adrienne and Jen A.C. Click the links to visit ReadThisPlease Edition #3, our tribute to fathers.   The Spirit of Father’s Day by Adrienne S Moody … Read more

Tornado Warning

My Grandma said dark clouds hold wind.  Some of those clouds blew in from the west. Then everything got real still. The air held its breath. Birds found a place to settle in trees, held fast, and quieted. Crickets and frogs stopped singing and listened instead. The air shifted to cool and heavy. Wind picked … Read more

Cost of High School Baseball

I’ve always thought the cost of my child’s sport was tallied in wins, loses, lessons learned, and time.  I never thought so many dollars would add up so quickly for one season of Junior Varsity Baseball. We received a letter earlier in the year regarding team sports in our county.  All athletes would pay a … Read more

Readthisplease Valentine’s Day Edition

Dear Reader, We invite you to Read This Please, our online periodical, and the start of a second volume. What better day to begin again? Spring’s coming around soon—romance seeks the willing. A Valentine’s Day edition felt right. And it’s all about the love—shall we get a little intimate? Perhaps reveal those inner yearnings that … Read more