Through a Screen

  Thanks guys. I loved the pic of the little bird with the screen, so I copied the idea! (oso was that your pic?) anyway. the little house is what used to sit at the front door of the nursing home. When the building was started, the little ‘cottage’ was moved to the back of … Read more

Blue Light Lonely

  blue light lonely come to me dressed for deep cool in a sour rain before night on his shoulder leans to snuff the incandescent candle wick and dark sinks you away     Two creative types from the ReadThisPlease Cafe team up for an impromptu vignette. image: Blue Light © 2011 M Dawn Thacker … Read more

Distant Daydreams

Our February is cast in shades of freezing and thawing earth. Garden stakes stand in rows, lonely for vegetation. Late sugar snap vines kneel, heads bent to the frost, their curled fingers on the climbing wire. The rusted red tiller is stalled, mid-plow in snow, lost in the white, searching for fertile ground. The barn … Read more

Icicles and Snow Picture Book

Icicles and Snow by M. Dawn Thacker A flash picture book from featuring winter photography. Page through icicles on buckets, frozen on eaves, and dangling against a backdrop of brilliant blue sky. Dawn’s captured some great winter glimpses of her world in Virginia. We didn’t alter the colors at all. We really want to … Read more

Winter in Abstract

Images © 2011 L G Ives. Click L G’s tag for more works.

Footprints in the Snow

Guess the footprints in the snow? A thief, a cheeky friend, early visitors, a person’s best friend, a prowler, an odd crossing, hominid, a clucker, and a four wheel drifter. Click to zoom through.

Winter Scenes

Open the Gate Winter Wire Icy Bucket Icy Blue

El Nino

El Nino has arrived just like a boy, slamming into a place, not wiping his feet, blustering about, throwing hats and scarves before crashing onto the closest soft surface. We have had our share of snow this winter. A 26″ snowfall in late December, another 12″ last weekend and now, another 30″ expected tomorrow and … Read more