ReadThisPlease Writer/Photographer Nominated

Sarah Marie Scott, one of ReadThisPlease’s writers, is nominated as a Finalist for the 32nd Annual Best College & High School Photography Contest in her continuing education program. Sarah shines as a writer and brings a unique sense of creativity to her photography. Click her tag and check out her picture book on  You’ll … Read more

Life Is A Beach: Something Heavy Looms

  Something heavy looms overhead, something heavier than the clouds gathering above the shoreline. Even the air felt dense, like walking through thick fog. People seemed in tune, a little more gentle, a little more aware, soaking up whatever peaceful moments the remaining weekend held. The pier was packed. Many with cameras, of which I … Read more

Finding A Quiet Place

  We all have a need for solace, to get away from the routine of life, seek out spirit. For me, I tromp down to the sandy shore or stroll through a nearby park, wade through a stream on the side of the road. There’s this quiet little hidden waterhole tucked away at the state … Read more

Dance Of A Lifetime

We entered the studio, dimly lit with strands of white lights draped across large mirrors. Wine glasses and candles set the mood as semi-romantic. Dainty finger sandwiches and desserts adorn the back table. We all wait with our partners, some more anxious than others. Dancers mill and chatter among familiar faces. A few come over … Read more

That’s My Mom

Enjoy tales from M Dawn Thacker and Adrienne S Moody, two talented contributors to Now.ReadThisPlease each with special insight on mothering—they are moms. And thank you to another mom, Sarah Scott, writer and photographer, for her spring image.   From Saxis to Parksley and Back by M Dawn Thacker   It was one of those … Read more

Beads On A String

Grab a piece of yarn, loop the end. That prevents you from falling, becomes your lifeline. When you get to the end of the rope, reach up. Someone will be there next to you, hanging too. He or she will likely be different from you, but the path upward will be similar. Look up. Look … Read more

Monday Feature Blah

blah   gaboo Blah soothes the racket. Shell shock trod anti-climax regroup in contemplative mindless soup wander. A wall splat in rethink, the coma dosed hanger maintenance review. Forward self induced steps in muddled puddle jumping, frumped in slow incline. Reclined in mind time. Extra bowlful in cerebral demise. Ten thousand feet when clouds spoon, … Read more

Passing Notes

“Sitting in large, overcrowded rooms gives me the willies.” “My palms sweat.” “My head screams.” “My body twitches.” “It’s like a switch set off by revolving doors, aggravated by bodies in close proximity.” “I lurch through the metal detector and take a seat, careful to place myself near an exit in case panic takes hold.” … Read more

Words May Describe Me

Words may describe me, but what is the essence of who I am? Am I my thoughts? My words? My personality? My strengths minus my weaknesses, multiplied by my talents and divided by my handicaps? Am I breath and lungs, life and air? Am I the beating of my heart? Listen. Do you hear that? … Read more

Window Thoughts on ReadThisPlease Ed. 8

March 15, 2011 ReadThisPlease Emagazine issues Edition #8, themed Melancholic Habitus, and all about the turmoil of inspiration. Writers, poets, artists and musicians can relate. We understand the thought spaghetti of angst and rumination coiling in the frontal lobe. We dive in and sort through these flashbacks and mazes, organizing fleeting glimpses into verse, or … Read more

Motionless Moments

I sat and watched the world turn, sitting on the ledge at the edge of campus, taking note of people milling by. Studying the alignment of the sun in the sky, I wondered if all days could be so peaceful, so serene. A garrulous old woman happened past me, jabbering her low-hanging jowls at a … Read more

Sarah Scott is in the Now

One of the characteristics of writers on ReadThisPlease—they are multi-talented, and Sarah Scott exemplifies this attribute. A mom, wife, student, writer, dramatic poet, photographer, soap maker, painter, literary adjudicator, winner of the Louse McColl Creative Writing Scholarship for Fiction—-Sweet, as we affectionately call her, is a deeply passionate and focused individual. Her spark’s an odd … Read more