Pharaoh Enters An Afterlife – MP3 Story

A brief, night fright from the dreamworld of Steven Bird and produced in audio form by ReadThisPlease. This is a little experiment from us for you, enjoy.     Click to hear mp3 audio story… Pharaoh Enters An Afterlife   The bound papyrus funeral barge bearing Pharaoh and His Queen touched the quay at Memphis. … Read more

The Cardinal

Only a handful of memories persist from those days, and those tattered and ambiguous at best. Yet my memory of the cardinal is most vivid; and viewed from the vantage of years the details of that day have become more understandable, though still not entirely understood. It was a long time ago. Those were different … Read more

Fish Tales For The Future

Steven Bird, contributor to ReadThisPlease and the Now, has been assembling an opportunity for enthusiasts and conservationists to share stories, anecdotes and resources for the betterment of the Columbia water basin in the Pacific Northwest. Click and visit.

Rim of Fire Update: California Tsunami

This is an update from Steven Bird from the coast of California. Click here to read the first article.   Doris was in bed sleeping and I was working on an article for my blog. The phone rang at 11:30, always a foreboding ring so close to midnight, and I wondered who. “Uncle Steve…” It … Read more

Pacific Coast Writer Prepares for Tsunami

Steven Bird, writer, outdoor advocate, and regular contributor was seaside Friday when warnings of an earthquake-induced tsunami heading for California sounded in coastal towns. “5:15 AM. Rumor of a  tsunami coming in, so at about 10 feet above sea level and only about 2 blocks from the beach, we’re preparing to head for higher ground. … Read more

Writing a Query Letter

Writing a good query letter may be the most important step leading to your goal of publication. A publisher will size up your writing abilities through your query letter. It is like meeting a person for the first time. Your success is riding on that initial contact and the impression it makes, so you want … Read more

Story Road Map

Once I know what the story is, have the arc firmly in mind, I come up with a working title and write it at the top of the page. I make a bullet-point under it and write ‘beginning’ beside it. Now, at some point, the opening narrative is going to exhibit an action of some sort. Remember: Narrative builds to action points…

Breaking into Print

There has never been as many writers in the world as there is at this moment. If your aim is to be published in print, you are up against a lot of competition for a currently diminishing market. Electronic media and a tightening economy are taking a toll on traditional publishers and cellulose print medium. … Read more

Electric Point

Storm King is named for a local mountain, one of the tallest in the neighborhood. There is an old logging road passing over Storm King’s shoulder at a place called Electric Point.  Containing rare earths, the mountain attracts clouds to itself, producing intense electric storms on summer afternoons. I was once caught there, crossing over … Read more