Read This Please Volume 2 in a Book!

Dear Thoughtful Voyager, Announcing Our latest traveling companion… Volume 2 Click cover to have it delivered to your home! In a paperback book! It’s wireless and never needs charging! (Amazon Kindle version coming soon!) ReadThisPlease Volume 2, Editions 7 – 12 $18.00 First printing 418 pages Sage Press Title ID: 3913161 ISBN-13: 978-0980920185 Cano … Read more

Strangling Words

I slept the morn in civil court watching preds and perps retort Then summoned lo, before the bench comes the poet, no defense His crime’s a rhymer posted bare for the critics’ somber glare He scoffs at grammar, twists his verse runs his clauses in reverse “Throw the book” the mob doth blare whilst jurors … Read more

Poetry and Rhyme in Sales

Rhyme’s a linguistic evolution that historically aids toddlers in memory and enunciation. In a broader context, ‘plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is.’ * Rhyme carves it’s own groove in the frontal cortex, thus you are stuck with that little gem for the rest of the day. Tag you’re it. Aah, mein … Read more

Twenty-Nine and Holding

I woke this morning to a hot cup of coffee presented to me in bed. It was a nice way to start my anniversary. My husband is a good man. He isn’t romantic, doesn’t sing or recite poetry, rarely tells me he loves me, but brings me coffee, changes the oil in my car, plows … Read more

Lofty Romance Gains Altitude with Island Hop

It took me a long time to fall asleep after the exciting day with Fly_Boy, aka Michael. I entertained visions of us exchanging vows on a Maui beach. I smiled at the thought of telling my boss to ‘Take this job and shove it!’ as I ran out the door and into my new lover’s … Read more

Choosing Scenes

There’s a million ‘actions’ to paint. The tough choice is deciding which ones, otherwise the story would occur in real time—that would take too long to write! Composing, I tend to jump right in with the scene that spawned my enthusiasm—the moment that inspired me to write. I like to get out the raw thoughts. … Read more

Speeding To The Reader’s Rescue

Writers: The forum is down for a bit and a technical looking person is examining the problem. Asap. Please leave any gripes, lectures, or rants in the comment box below. Be creative. Hey, readers! Welcome to Take a look around. There’s pages and pages of stories, poetry, observations, photo essays and more. We are … Read more