Why Are We Concerned With Politics?

Because there are madmen at the wheel. Think about it. If people didn’t pursue power over others, there would be no need for governance. That’s the power paradigm—those who take power from an oppressor become the oppressor. The word ‘environment’ used to be define our surroundings. Then the word became associated in the phrase ‘natural … Read more

Little Miss Liberty – Learning About Money

Now that I’m hip to money. I want to learn about it. What is money? Why do we have it? Didn’t we use other forms of money, and why aren’t those same currencies relevant today. Who quit and left the current money makers in charge of money? I prescribe a healthy round of video and … Read more

Little Miss Liberty – The Game

Three rules of investing: 1. Invest in yourself first. Invest in your knowledge and character. 2. Remember you are dealing with people. 3. Buy low and sell high.   The Game: Tempt people into slavery using their own lust.   The Strategy: People want to be loved. However, many people are too lazy or too … Read more

Little Miss Liberty

  Dearest Reader, Enclosed find the notes I have compiled in researching my new book, Little Miss Liberty. It was not my objective to write this story, but somehow little things happen and opportunities demand their own homage. A few years back I bought a silver coin, a piece of bullion, on a bet that … Read more

Coffee Time Economics

Had an interesting chat with the fellows this a.m.; the coffee clutch gathers in a parking lot to discuss the days events. A tug boat operator, a landscaper, a carpenter, a bricklayer, and yours truly. This is like church for guys: yak about politics, economy, news, events. One fellow, the carpenter is a big supporter … Read more

Gold, Silver, And Your Word Are Money

Just wanted to write something ( brutal day outside, wet/windy/icy cold rain, and sun?) about the concept of ‘money’, because I don’t think very many people understand what money is, or how it comes to play in the calculation of wealth, power, and influence. Money is hard to come by. There’s very little of it … Read more

Through Night We Tread

The Witch, First Edition, by B Gregory Lewis is SOLD OUT. A secret online version for readers of ReadThisPlease: http://thewitchbook.wordpress.com/ is NOW CLOSED. The Witch, Second Edition, will be AVAILABLE SOON in illustrated and pocketbook versions. Scroll down… The Witch, First Edition, was registered by the National Archives of Canada on December 21, 2007, strangely … Read more

Swerving Toward American Exceptionalism

Gosh, what a summer! If you’ve returned late and sat down to read all the news, you’ll need another vacation. Left, right, turn around, repack, and head straight back into the bush. Well, shower first. Rain, flooding, tornado, hurricanes, earthquakes, heatwaves, drought, what a cinematic summer. I could just sit and look at the sky … Read more

Dirt Poor or Filthy Rich – Wording Famine Relief

“Hunger is a very powerful word.  Without context or definition, it causes emotional responses to percolate deep in my core.  Hunger’s six letters standing on my retina or its two syllables bouncing in my ear find me immediately feeling fear, sadness and anger. Add context and definition, the sight or sound of hunger cause rage, … Read more

Freedom Of Unwant

Freedom: The ideal. Freedom from or freedom to? Not having and not wanting, or having and wanting? We escape fear, loneliness and boredom by filling and emptying that void, euphoric at the acquisition and waste our idle minds create. Stewardship of the physical realm is a role our species took on with our claim to … Read more

Power Paradigm

Aah, here we go again… Notice what I wrote there? Here we go again. There’s a reason why I wrote that…so it would sound like I was involving you. Misery loves company. Climb in my bucket. However, I’m an individual. The only reason I’m participating in a larger group, community, neighborhood, town, is because I … Read more

More Power Paradigm

After a few days out of society and in the blissful trees, I felt compelled to share observation on recent current events. My bias: I like puzzles, reference material, intuit—blah, blah—Orwell’s kewlade, and man’s social evolution 200,000 BCE to present. Bring good shoes. More power paradigm. Tradition and ceremony are exploited to create order. No … Read more

Premonitions of Revolt

The following is a collection of thoughts I was sensing in August, and blogged accordingly. I toss this in the mix because of the current geo-political strife. And to let you decide if it was on or off. War, what’s it good for? In essays, writing on August 30, 2010 at 1:42 am [insert globe reel] … Read more