Picture Books Temporarily Offline

The little engine that powers our Picture book library blew a piston. It was fun while it lasted, but the ride ended. We are searching for a reliable virtual book plugin to bring back the photos and stories. We’ll post a notice when we find a suitable replacement. Thank you for your readership. – adminNOW

Traveling On Music Street

  From foggy N’awlins. (Did I spell that right?) Took many photos, haven’t gone through them all, but here’s one, turned b&w by computer magic, a guy playing cello (my favorite instrument) in the street. He was actually pretty good, at least to my ear. Ears are still ringing after a walk down Bourbon Street … Read more

ReadThisPlease Writer/Photographer Nominated

Sarah Marie Scott, one of ReadThisPlease’s writers, is nominated as a Finalist for the 32nd Annual Best College & High School Photography Contest in her continuing education program. Sarah shines as a writer and brings a unique sense of creativity to her photography. Click her tag and check out her picture book on Now.readthisplease.com.  You’ll … Read more

Icy Walk: Photos By M Dawn Thacker

  Woke this a.m. to everything insulated in a layer of ice. Thought I’d share. — MD Click image to enlarge.   Click M Dawn’s tag for more stories and photos.  

Footprints in the Snow

Guess the footprints in the snow? A thief, a cheeky friend, early visitors, a person’s best friend, a prowler, an odd crossing, hominid, a clucker, and a four wheel drifter. Click to zoom through.