Bring Your Camera

    “Come with me to deliver this load of mulch,” Bruce said last night after supper. I never know what our trips will bring. He doesn’t usually ask me along; so I know when he does invite me, there’s something he wants me to see. “Bring your camera,” he added as I walked toward … Read more

Through a Screen

  Thanks guys. I loved the pic of the little bird with the screen, so I copied the idea! (oso was that your pic?) anyway. the little house is what used to sit at the front door of the nursing home. When the building was started, the little ‘cottage’ was moved to the back of … Read more

Blue Light Lonely

  blue light lonely come to me dressed for deep cool in a sour rain before night on his shoulder leans to snuff the incandescent candle wick and dark sinks you away     Two creative types from the ReadThisPlease Cafe team up for an impromptu vignette. image: Blue Light © 2011 M Dawn Thacker … Read more

Love And Orchids by L Givens

Leah Givens visits the local orchid show and returns with a sampling of spectacular images and sports a renewed love for this “morphologically diverse and widespread family of monocots.” – Wikipedia Click thumbnails to enlarge. Click L Givens for more photography on

ReadThisPlease Writer/Photographer Nominated

Sarah Marie Scott, one of ReadThisPlease’s writers, is nominated as a Finalist for the 32nd Annual Best College & High School Photography Contest in her continuing education program. Sarah shines as a writer and brings a unique sense of creativity to her photography. Click her tag and check out her picture book on  You’ll … Read more

Textures and Shadows – Abstract Images

L G Ives presents samples from her recent series of exploratory abstracts. Everyday sights and images are suddenly unique and sublime through the lens and eye of Ives. Join us for a quick page tour and peek at some of the visuals she’s working with in Textures and Shadows, a Now.ReadThisPlease picture book.

Winter in Abstract

Images © 2011 L G Ives. Click L G’s tag for more works.