Everyday I am born. Everyday I see you born. Everyday I love you and everyday you go. That’s why I must let you know today that I have always loved you. I will grow our love and share this joy just as you have grown and share your joy. My love is with you always … Read more

The Real Dad

“You have reached a point in your existence where I need to reveal something,” Dad said. He stood in front of me with a floppy, farmhand’s hat bent on one side. His flannel shirt, open in front, hung over the belt line of his blue jeans. “If you’re going to take away the car, I’m … Read more

Dad, Can You Read This Please?

Text from Editor:  Now what about those bznz cards? If you have a format, can I get some printed? Huh? Huh? Omygosh, I forgot. Well, sort of. Ya, ya, ya. You sound like my oldest. Had me proofing his anthropology paper for grammar at 7 am. I, bonked to the world, one sick cat at … Read more