No Batteries Please!

It has been a very different experience hooking up with this man from the U.S. For one, I didn’t meet him on the internet. There was no profile to get the goods on him.  ie: fave color, pets, intentions, likes and dislikes. No, dear readers, I had nothing but a connection with his cousin, whom … Read more

Embers – Tales of Romance with Adrienne

  Internet dating has made meeting people so easy and throws a single person into the dating pool filled with all kinds of interesting and not so interesting men and women all looking for someone. Times really having changed. In the past singles had to make special efforts to even be exposed to potential mates. … Read more

Shades of Summer

  I haven’t been online much lately. The dating sites that is. Too much disappointment and I’ve lost any expectation that my man is just a click away. To be honest, I’m seeing Re-Run-Ron, and he is just what his name says. We had a one year live-in relationship a couple of years ago. It … Read more

Love is a Rose

Love is a Rose Meet Joe Black is a film about love and death. And it stars Brad Pitt, a heart-throb of our time. He has a chance meeting with a young woman at a coffee shop and they converse and connect. YOUNG MAN If I married you, I’d want to give you what you … Read more

Adrienne’s Back From The Front

What am I doing? Vodka Boy and I have so little in common. He told me the last time I saw him, while he was chopping beans to dump into a pan on his hot plate in his motel room, that he was diabetic. Type 2. Oh, man, this guy is going to be in … Read more

Looking For That Chemistry

Remember the scene in Little Women when Jo tells Laurie she doesn’t love him? I was baffled that she was turning down this handsome and wealthy young man who obviously adored her. She didn’t feel any chemistry for the man and she crushed him by turning him down. She pursued her career instead and when … Read more

Where Is My Professor Bhaer?

Meet and Greet I saved the hair. It was passable and didn’t look like a botched home experiment like I feared it would. I noticed a difference in how people reacted to me around town that first day. Blondes are considered fun-loving and approachable. Strangers smiled more readily at me. When I’m sporting any other … Read more

Never Surrender!

It’s like it never happened. If it weren’t for the emails I’ve put in the cyber-vault and collection of pictures I have stored in my internet file labelled: men with impact, there isn’t any evidence of Omar, my Egyptian connection. I mentioned how resilient I am? I am. I shed a few tears, yes, but … Read more

Modern Love – A Tale of Online Romance From Adrienne S Moody

Modern Love by Adrienne S Moody   There’s a reason we recycle. We no longer have a use for the object and we put it where someone else may. I should have known better when I went another round with Recycle Man, or as my friend and co-worker Marina calls him, the man with the … Read more

Adrienne Is Loving It Online

An excerpt from Modern Love, above…   Every day we correspond. He is traveling from Manchester to Liverpool today and has a full schedule of business meetings. So our talks have been short, but sweet. He’s eight hours ahead of me which makes it tricky to connect. On the weekend we chat for hours. He … Read more

Not A Jane Austen Novel

I’m following the advice from a writer on the dating site. He has some pretty valid points to make, I must admit. He figures that women ‘delete, next,’ far too easily. He points to a ‘Sex in the City,’ character, Charlotte, who meets her future husband and despises him immediately. But, he persists in wooing … Read more

Recycle This

I have recycled a few potential mates over the years. I was willing to give Pilot-Boy another fly by, but he wrote back to tell me he was attached now and had been for over a year. In retrospect, he was one who should remain where he was, in the recycle bin where I placed, … Read more

Whatever Happened To So-And-So?

I can’t believe I’m doing it. I found myself cyber-stalking an old boyfriend. How easy Facebook makes it for us to ‘check up’ on an old flame. I don’t know what triggered thoughts of this guy I dated on and off for about ten months. It was six years ago. He was clearly not the … Read more

Just Friends

I meet regularly with my ex-roommate, Jason. (Yes, I’ve had a few!) We go for lunch and discuss our dating woes. I get the male perspective. According to him, women do their share of disappointing prospective suitors. “I really get annoyed when women write on their profile that their weight is ‘average.’ So many write … Read more