Gathering On The Mount

12/21/12. Midnight… Yeah, rubber boots, what I decided to go down in. We paused, looking at the sky, my beloved and I, to get a good view. The sky was not particularly biblical, so we returned somewhat disappointed. There were no indications of gamma ray toastus or meteorites. No evidence of reptile people. Nary a … Read more

Words May Describe Me

Words may describe me, but what is the essence of who I am? Am I my thoughts? My words? My personality? My strengths minus my weaknesses, multiplied by my talents and divided by my handicaps? Am I breath and lungs, life and air? Am I the beating of my heart? Listen. Do you hear that? … Read more

Motionless Moments

I sat and watched the world turn, sitting on the ledge at the edge of campus, taking note of people milling by. Studying the alignment of the sun in the sky, I wondered if all days could be so peaceful, so serene. A garrulous old woman happened past me, jabbering her low-hanging jowls at a … Read more