I’m watching this guy shoplift cheese and he’s slick. I didn’t do anything, because I was so fascinated with his method. So, I thought I’d share. You never know. He’s at the dairy counter with a basket—I’m assuming he’s pricing alternatives. He picks up a honkin slab of cheddar and looks it over, but here’s … Read more

Musing on Deteriorating Urban Infrastructure

  “Roads in suburban neighborhoods are better than urban” subsidized neighborhoods. I’ve heard this railed on the news, re some speech a politician was giving to establish an us vs them tactic. Infrastructure depends on the mayor of the community and the tax base. Reminds me of the road to Secret Lake. One bend is … Read more

Hold On To Your Pillar

Everyone has a pillar inside, something strong to hang on to. Hang on to it. Sometimes the wind bears down hard and sometimes it guides. If everything could be smooth—that would be a fine dream. Hold onto a pillar and that dream, where it is smooth and each step glides and each experience arrives as … Read more

Comfort Food Buffet – Gaboo Quips

  At the buffet… The menu was jacked up, the entree was road ready, and the pie we left deserted. Who’s the brains of the operation in dining? The head cheese. The seating was so confusing that we played musical chairs with a conundrum. Do not feast beyond your welcome unless the host looks completely … Read more

Picture Books Temporarily Offline

The little engine that powers our Picture book library blew a piston. It was fun while it lasted, but the ride ended. We are searching for a reliable virtual book plugin to bring back the photos and stories. We’ll post a notice when we find a suitable replacement. Thank you for your readership. – adminNOW

Sidewalk Philosopher – The Illusion

Sidewalk philosopher. Writer holds no opinion. Edited. -4 hours sleep. I’ll write it brief, it’s late, but don’t want to burden you with a bunch of rhetoric. And if the heart goes a pitter-patter or the head gets sore, I’ll know I’m breaching some prime directive and back off. First, consider this: you’re made of … Read more

Summer Memories – Picture of Paradise

For my readers, a screen saver of my summer…  Click to see. A  

Summer Memories – Old Red Barn

Let’s travel with Adrienne to her youth, when the pastime was having time. …   Old Red Barn Adrienne S Moody We loved eating berries. Choke cherries ~ little red berries with a tiny pit inside that were so sour your lips pursed together in response. No Name Berries ~ perhaps they were inedible to … Read more

Summer Memories – Birch Bark

In our ongoing collection of Summer Memories, Jac takes us to a glade where stories grow. … Birch Bark Jac Do you remember?  Was there any more glorious feeling than cool birch bark sliding under hands and bare feet, across summer clothing exposed body parts, soft and scratchy with thousands of tickly frayed edges?  Maybe, … Read more

Summer Memories – Summer Light

Summer Light Gaboo Summer—near a window—and twilight streams through the glass propped half open. I’ll admit I’m sitting on the can. It’s summer, an evening in July, and I’m eight-years-old when school seems a thousand rules away. I hear the kids in the neighborhood, running with sticks, and shouting the next game—who will be the … Read more

Tomorrow’s Grunt, Honey Speak and Word Crime

Tomorrow’s Grunt < gaboo > 06/09 11:39:00 Lincoln Barnett’s The Treasure of Our Tongue conveys a plea that language devolves naturally to grunts. Isolation maintains rigidity, whereas a phrase worn by multitudes can erode to mere mesa of its former application. He contends, with seasoned rationale, that the English language actually strives for efficiency, despite … Read more

Deep Dream Diving

  The contributors at are thrilled when friends and readers share their own creativity with us. Lisa Long Braids, poet, invites us along with her composition, Deep Dream Diving.   Deep Dream Diving by Lisa Long Braids   Just the wind playing games With my mind Taking me deep dream diving Consumed with my … Read more

Another Little Account

Prior post, Odd Little Account. Heads up, touching on fear below. Angst alert. Life. The hollow, peering out. I have this overwhelming need for control, to never lose one. I know many here understand this, all people touch it, and in the work you do. It’s so precious, the chance at experience for each of … Read more

Cheap Parking – Money Hangs on a Word Bank of England ‘finely balanced’ over stimulus May 23, 5:32AM EDT The minutes to the last policy meeting at the Bank of England show that only one of the nine members of the rate-setting committee voted for more economic stimulus. However, the minutes, published Wednesday, show that several members thought the decision was finely … Read more