Picture Books Temporarily Offline

The little engine that powers our Picture book library blew a piston. It was fun while it lasted, but the ride ended. We are searching for a reliable virtual book plugin to bring back the photos and stories. We’ll post a notice when we find a suitable replacement. Thank you for your readership. – adminNOW

Margaret Dawn! What have you gotten yourself into this time?

March 07 2012 – 12:40 EST Chincoteague – Top ReadThisPlease editorial executives discuss writing asset, M Dawn Thacker, in an impromptu phone call. Transcript as memory serves… “Hey.” “I wanted to ask you, M Dawn? Different angle, yes?” “Easier sell than most. Easy because she’s generalized. Trending towards simpler, my friend. She’s got the content, … Read more

Edition 12 Released! All About First Times

  Remember our first? ReadThisPlease.com Edition 12 is all about firsts. Some experiences happen upon us and we acknowledge that this was a personal first, first chances, first disappointments, first moments. We all have opportunities to travel into the unknown and experience a first. Even if a road is traveled a thousand times, the first … Read more

ReadThisPlease Edition 11 Now Available

Just for our friends and subscribers, you can go to ReadThisPlease.com and read Edition 11. It’s all for you. Doorways November 11, 2011   column 1 Junction by Jen A C Deer Crossing by Bruce Reisner Electric Avenue by Adrienne S Moody Doll Baby by M Dawn Thacker   column 2 Ghosts and Truth by … Read more

ReadThisPlease Edition 8 Coming Soon

Look for it in thirteen days, on the Ides of March, 03/15/11, Edition 8 Edition #8 has a special theme, and a personal one for many of the writers, Melancholic Habitus. That’s the place within ourselves where we go to ruminate, to worry and fret. Poets, artists, musicians, and writers know this domain all to … Read more

Now.readthisplease.com upgrade

At 8 pm PST 2/26/11 Now.ReadThisPlease.com experienced a slight hiccup when automatic upgrades conflicted. A hearty “Thank you” to our technical guru, Steve, who jumped in and had us back up within a few minutes. Readthisplease.com and other functions were unaffected. If you were visiting this site at the time (apparently a few were in … Read more