Edition 12 Released! All About First Times

  Remember our first? ReadThisPlease.com Edition 12 is all about firsts. Some experiences happen upon us and we acknowledge that this was a personal first, first chances, first disappointments, first moments. We all have opportunities to travel into the unknown and experience a first. Even if a road is traveled a thousand times, the first … Read more

Ticket To Ride – Edition 10 Is Out

Image © 2011 by Sheila Cano   Edition 10 will soon be out on ebook! Let’s go! ReadThisPlease.com Edition 10 is all about travel and motion, getting somewhere, and what we do when we arrive. Traveling takes many forms, so buckle up—we invite you to read some road-ready short stories by the wandering scribes at … Read more

Readthisplease Valentine’s Day Edition

Dear Reader, We invite you to Read This Please, our online periodical, and the start of a second volume. What better day to begin again? Spring’s coming around soon—romance seeks the willing. A Valentine’s Day edition felt right. And it’s all about the love—shall we get a little intimate? Perhaps reveal those inner yearnings that … Read more