Morning Mist

      Thought it would snow. Instead we woke to a blanket of fog and I left the indoors cozy for a walk with the surreal that beckons one stray. Camera: Canon A480 10mp with a saw dust filter. I like ’em cheap. Mr. Coffee assisted mitigating use of tripod. 7:00 am PST. In … Read more

Odd Little Account

I was thinking about change. Simple changes, breaking patterns (I don’t mean political change or social change, I mean personal alteration). I think people have a hard time with changing their habits and routines. Even if their current behavior is detrimental. People seem accustomed to familiarity and perhaps they find some security in doing a … Read more

Flowers On The Run – A Perennial Bed

  The speed limit was forty-five and Mary ignored it, willing the engine faster as the wind rushed through the open car window, streaming her tears. She was speeding away on the back roads of Fendal County, running from an argument with her husband Bill, and racing in search of peace. Three miles out of … Read more