Foul Weather Commute Part 2: Steering For Home

Read Part 1 of M Dawn Thacker’s Foul Weather Commute: Into The Storm.   I feel like such a fool. Why didn’t I check the forecast before I headed out? Why didn’t I remember what the weatherman said about flooding this morning. Now I’m trying to stay the course in my parent’s fancy loaner—if I … Read more

Rim of Fire Update: California Tsunami

This is an update from Steven Bird from the coast of California. Click here to read the first article.   Doris was in bed sleeping and I was working on an article for my blog. The phone rang at 11:30, always a foreboding ring so close to midnight, and I wondered who. “Uncle Steve…” It … Read more

If Every Life Is Precious

“All creatures great and small.” “Horton hears a Who!” “Cats and rats and alligators as sure as you’re born.” And victims of catastrophe. We were walking in a field, marching, swathing, not picking our way at all. The dogs leaped and bounded. In the trees that surround the meadow were a thousand birds of all … Read more

Into the Sky – an Adventure with Adrienne Moody

“I walked to the edge on the south side and scanned for any sign of human life on the two other peaks. I appeared to be totally, completely, alone… Suddenly airborne, having slipped on black ice, I fell on my left side and slid dangerously toward the edge of the mountain… I felt the coldness … Read more

Wild Dogs

This morning I went outside and something had rattled the feathers off of one of our neighbor’s chickens. The deed was done in front of the tool shed. There was the rough circle of a struggle next to a rack of split wood. Someone ended right there. It’s a full moon tonight so I took … Read more