Cheap Parking – Money Hangs on a Word Bank of England ‘finely balanced’ over stimulus May 23, 5:32AM EDT The minutes to the last policy meeting at the Bank of England show that only one of the nine members of the rate-setting committee voted for more economic stimulus. However, the minutes, published Wednesday, show that several members thought the decision was finely … Read more

Cheap Parking Update

Yeah, an update. See, I don’t want to influence anyone’s investment decisions, so I jot these notes and post them after the fact, like a game to test if my theory is correct. From the forum on May 03, 2012, 06:47:48 PM … What I see happening is a policy to keep interest rates low … Read more

Cheap Parking – Money, Economy And A Storyline

I don’t give investment advice. I don’t even listen much to investment advice. But I do like sticking a litmus probe into some cavity of society and taking ph reading. So I wrote this several weeks ago and withheld it. I didn’t want to jinx the market. You see, in my quest to understand money … Read more

Little Miss Liberty – Learning About Money

Now that I’m hip to money. I want to learn about it. What is money? Why do we have it? Didn’t we use other forms of money, and why aren’t those same currencies relevant today. Who quit and left the current money makers in charge of money? I prescribe a healthy round of video and … Read more

Coffee Time Economics

Had an interesting chat with the fellows this a.m.; the coffee clutch gathers in a parking lot to discuss the days events. A tug boat operator, a landscaper, a carpenter, a bricklayer, and yours truly. This is like church for guys: yak about politics, economy, news, events. One fellow, the carpenter is a big supporter … Read more

Gold, Silver, And Your Word Are Money

Just wanted to write something ( brutal day outside, wet/windy/icy cold rain, and sun?) about the concept of ‘money’, because I don’t think very many people understand what money is, or how it comes to play in the calculation of wealth, power, and influence. Money is hard to come by. There’s very little of it … Read more