One Week Thinking About Last Friday

I tried to focus on gun control. There are a host of issues surrounding the massacre last week and I’ll get to what I believe is their foundation a little further on. A friend said to me this week, in other words; if I were to find the real problem, I’d have to dig a … Read more

What to buy for Armageddon?

There are only a few shopping days left until Armageddon. Writers are intuitive, and many leave chores for last. I’m not sure what I’ll get those closest, or even those in close proximity. Haven’t been tuned up to far reaching circumstances and half the conclusions we arrive at lose importance with vicinity. Goals are less … Read more

You Are Never Nothing

Everything you do affects. By merely living you have affected. From planning your arrival, through post-natal, and your formative yeas, you will alter us all and continue to affect long after you depart and your body rests. Never think you are nothing or a waste. Your living has affected us. To each is given life … Read more

Sidewalk Philosopher – The Illusion

Sidewalk philosopher. Writer holds no opinion. Edited. -4 hours sleep. I’ll write it brief, it’s late, but don’t want to burden you with a bunch of rhetoric. And if the heart goes a pitter-patter or the head gets sore, I’ll know I’m breaching some prime directive and back off. First, consider this: you’re made of … Read more

Beads On A String

Grab a piece of yarn, loop the end. That prevents you from falling, becomes your lifeline. When you get to the end of the rope, reach up. Someone will be there next to you, hanging too. He or she will likely be different from you, but the path upward will be similar. Look up. Look … Read more