Life Is A Beach: Along The Shoreline

  We take our teenager to the beach today. He wants to show off his new swimming trunks, splash in the surf, girl-watch, and ride a few waves. Bruce and I don’t have to run after Ryan now, we can sit in beach chairs and let him swim on his own. He keeps us in … Read more

Life Is A Beach: Driftwood

  The beach is a place of refuge, a place to contemplate, or just look at half nude strangers. I especially like the beaches in the city; the sand is so fine your feet sink. Huge, strewn logs make for great hide-a-ways and a place to recline, if you want to read. The driftwood looks … Read more

Life Is A Beach: Boobies

Yeah, the beach. Love the beach. Love sand between my toes and the water smell. I like the heat that comes with summer that comes when you start thinking about the beach. I like beach food and beach grease, beach salt, and beach fashion. Goin’ to the beach. Goin’ to the beach. Super day ahead, … Read more

Life Is A Beach: A Boat Wrapped In Red Tape

Bruce and I have spent a month in the garage, just the two of us. July and August are miserable in Virginia. Humidity hangs in the air, and we’ve had two weeks straight of temperatures in the upper nineties with no relief. I sit in a dry-docked boat, no water lapping at the sides, no … Read more

Life is a Beach

Image by Sarah Scott   The Northern prairies do not have a lengthy bikini season. Rachel and Arlene starved themselves for three months in the spring in anticipation for the appearance of the hot summer sun warming their skin at the beach wearing a scandalously skimpy bathing suit. The only lake in their vicinity wasn’t … Read more


  Today, it’s finally sunny, but yesterday the sky was overcast. Despite the weather, I decided to celebrate the middle of June with a walk in the park… I see Eeyore sitting at the bench next to the pond. It’s midweek and not much is going on at the forest in the city. People are … Read more