Letter From Christmas Isle

I am granting you my newest wish, because wishes are the most wondrous of human attributes. Take my pinky, and we’ll walk as we read, sauntering a path of words set in this year 2012… Beware the haunts. Beware of what finds your inner harbor. Allowing selective haunting gathers selective baggage. I sidestep the news, … Read more

At The Controls Of Spaceship Earth

  I think flying insects see us as yesterday, like buildings. When I walk past a building I know it wasn’t built today. It’s slow and barely changes. It’s from yesterday. Would trees see us as brash, surprising? I think crawling bugs see us as buildings that walk. I was thinking a lot about our … Read more

500 Unread Messages

500 unread emails? I was practicing esp. Watch. I just made a light flicker, did you notice? Ah, maybe not, but a moth noticed it somewhere. Then it was for that moth. I’m not totally up on posting etiquette, but my fellow sprites jog me to jot some notes. Follow the bouncing baphoon… I wonder … Read more


Funny how you don’t notice something until it’s gone. I drive past the same houses every day, on my way home from a hike in the woods. Just around a blind corner at the top of the street, a big grey 4×4 pickup truck is always parked in the same spot. With its suspension jacked … Read more