Simplifying Economics – Dueling Posts

Our public/government deficit is a one dollar to one dollar balance sheet.  It balances our private sector surplus and our trade deficit.  The only other way to balance our trade deficit is on the back of private surplus; wealth.  In other words, for as long as we’re going to buy foreign products and services with … Read more

Great News!

The overall polling trends are moving in favor of the President and democrats across the country. In his blog “FiveThirtyEight”, the statistician, Nate Silver, shows the likelihood of President Obama winning at about eighty-six percent. There were some touch-and-go moments over the last few weeks, when it looked like the pro greed and big business, … Read more

Summer Memories – Birch Bark

In our ongoing collection of Summer Memories, Jac takes us to a glade where stories grow. … Birch Bark Jac Do you remember?  Was there any more glorious feeling than cool birch bark sliding under hands and bare feet, across summer clothing exposed body parts, soft and scratchy with thousands of tickly frayed edges?  Maybe, … Read more

At The Controls Of Spaceship Earth

  I think flying insects see us as yesterday, like buildings. When I walk past a building I know it wasn’t built today. It’s slow and barely changes. It’s from yesterday. Would trees see us as brash, surprising? I think crawling bugs see us as buildings that walk. I was thinking a lot about our … Read more

Open Eyes

Small and close-minded people always march to the tune of fear, played by the few struggling to hold on to the last vestiges of their power. ~ Every battle this country has fought and won against bigotry and oppression came with a price.  Each person that decided to stand, demand and then fight for the … Read more

Kiva is Now – Join Team ReadThisPlease

AdminNow ~ All the chatter about the economy and the cost of debt, trying to make a go and find a little joy… enter KIVA. Thanks to Jen, intrepid ReadThisPlease idea generator, we are now a big tycoon moneybags lender! Not really, but we do have heart… From the desk of Jen A C: Have … Read more

Dirt Poor or Filthy Rich – Wording Famine Relief

“Hunger is a very powerful word.  Without context or definition, it causes emotional responses to percolate deep in my core.  Hunger’s six letters standing on my retina or its two syllables bouncing in my ear find me immediately feeling fear, sadness and anger. Add context and definition, the sight or sound of hunger cause rage, … Read more