The Ferris Wheel – Flash Fiction

  I sat wedged between Mama and Ray. My feet dangled. We’d come to Virginia Beach like a family. It was nighttime, and carnival lights pulled me in. “Can we ride?” Three tickets later, we soared in a salty wind. Happy people laughed and screamed. City lights were our magic carpet. The carriage stopped at … Read more

Little Miss Liberty – The Game

Three rules of investing: 1. Invest in yourself first. Invest in your knowledge and character. 2. Remember you are dealing with people. 3. Buy low and sell high.   The Game: Tempt people into slavery using their own lust.   The Strategy: People want to be loved. However, many people are too lazy or too … Read more

Call Me – Wally

Wally drives like he’s flying a sofa. Left arm punched out, hand draped over the wheel. His right arm’s always dangling, swinging full length between the seats. That’s so he can talk at you—point, emphasize, exasperate—it’s like having a man sized cellphone strapped to your head. Just make him watch the road. I wish he’d … Read more

Call Me – another scene

Garth won’t let go of the porch. Wally’s coaxing, “C’mon, c’mon,” waving the broken man to the steps. “What about Randy?” Wally glances, tilting his head towards the twelve-year-old perched on the back bumper of a tired GMC. “I was too cheap—he could only afford to text, thank God,” Garth looks back to the veranda, … Read more

Call me

Wally spots her first. He’s got a hunter’s mindset, always up for a chase. “There’s the one—right there!” “I see her, yep—she’s crouching.” “This one’s a nasty.” He rolls up his eyebrows, glancing at me, and fakes a little shiver, the juvenile thrill. He knew we’d find one here, hiding in a vacant suburban neighborhood, … Read more