Little Miss Liberty

  Dearest Reader, Enclosed find the notes I have compiled in researching my new book, Little Miss Liberty. It was not my objective to write this story, but somehow little things happen and opportunities demand their own homage. A few years back I bought a silver coin, a piece of bullion, on a bet that … Read more

Ticket To Ride – Edition 10 Is Out

Image © 2011 by Sheila Cano   Edition 10 will soon be out on ebook! Let’s go! Edition 10 is all about travel and motion, getting somewhere, and what we do when we arrive. Traveling takes many forms, so buckle up—we invite you to read some road-ready short stories by the wandering scribes at … Read more


1.0 Monday Morning Coffee   Phil turned from the coffee machine to watch Landy drop a briefcase next to the office dinette. “How was the weekend?” Phil asked. “Weekend good,” Landy yawned and stretched his arms. “Sooo?” “So, what?” “Didn’t you take Denise out? Somewhere on Saturday?” “Sure. Went to the Point. Watched the concert … Read more

Who is Adrienne S Moody?

A review by Gaboo, another writer. So Adrienne S Moody is gonna step in and write a column for She ups the ante. The rest of us will have to write more to get any notoriety.  I’ve always known her by an innocuous internet handle and it’s only recently that’s she come out … Read more

Home Renovation and Online Dating

Just as we parted I pulled one of those multi-screwdriver sets from my pocket. “Can you show me how to work this thing? I’ve tried and tried, and even looked it up on the internet. I decided to bring it and ask any man I run into if he can show me.”