What Do You Know?

Guys who know bears get eaten by bears. People who know horses get kicked by a horse.  A farmer who knows chickens has been set upon by a rooster. Trial and error, making the mistakes to make gains, making mistakes to set the precedent, falling from virtue and falling to it. That’s what jived this … Read more

Edition 12 Released! All About First Times

  Remember our first? ReadThisPlease.com Edition 12 is all about firsts. Some experiences happen upon us and we acknowledge that this was a personal first, first chances, first disappointments, first moments. We all have opportunities to travel into the unknown and experience a first. Even if a road is traveled a thousand times, the first … Read more

If Every Life Is Precious

“All creatures great and small.” “Horton hears a Who!” “Cats and rats and alligators as sure as you’re born.” And victims of catastrophe. We were walking in a field, marching, swathing, not picking our way at all. The dogs leaped and bounded. In the trees that surround the meadow were a thousand birds of all … Read more