Simplifying Economics – Dueling Posts

Our public/government deficit is a one dollar to one dollar balance sheet.  It balances our private sector surplus and our trade deficit.  The only other way to balance our trade deficit is on the back of private surplus; wealth.  In other words, for as long as we’re going to buy foreign products and services with … Read more

Little Miss Liberty – The Game

Three rules of investing: 1. Invest in yourself first. Invest in your knowledge and character. 2. Remember you are dealing with people. 3. Buy low and sell high.   The Game: Tempt people into slavery using their own lust.   The Strategy: People want to be loved. However, many people are too lazy or too … Read more

Coffee Time Economics

Had an interesting chat with the fellows this a.m.; the coffee clutch gathers in a parking lot to discuss the days events. A tug boat operator, a landscaper, a carpenter, a bricklayer, and yours truly. This is like church for guys: yak about politics, economy, news, events. One fellow, the carpenter is a big supporter … Read more