The “R” Files

Attention to Detail Why open the door to … heartache?’ That’s what he said. My architectural photographer. Well, he’s not mine of course. He’s someone I have been corresponding with. He’s a bit wild looking, with longish black hair and turquoise-framed glasses. Indeed. Why? He lives a 55 minute commute away. ‘Why did you start … Read more

Hunted And The Hunter

A couple of scary, little, dating stories for Saturday night readers, hehe. xxxooo ASM Part I   One evening, an old boyfriend and I ducked into a bookstore during a cloudburst. We hadn’t thought to bring an umbrella and the bookstore looked so inviting. It smelled musty, like old papers in an attic might, and … Read more

All in a Name

I suppose I did subconsciously choose the name white_oleander for a reason. I put my profile back up after the break-up with Buddha_Man and I admittedly was feeling let down and angry. You could say I was feeling disappointed in the entire male population when I pondered the name. I didn’t think anyone would really … Read more