Hurricane Sandy: M Dawn Reports

When Hurricane Sandy hit the Caribbean we hardly noticed. She was just a blip on the world radar, a ten second blurb on the evening news. She was a tropical storm then, meandering up the coast, traveling at a mere thirteen miles per hour. Late last week, our newscaster pulled us in to look at … Read more

My Groovy Girl

The last chapter in M Dawn’s summer saga of the Larson Shark.   My Groovy Girl. I met her online, her bright image capturing my attention in a photograph. I dreamed of a life with her, adventure, and recreation. After seeing her in person, actually touching her, running my hand along her sleek side, I … Read more

Between Earthquake and Hurricane

Two natural disasters in one week, how many people can claim such? Tuesday we felt the roll and shake of a 5.9 earthquake centered forty miles from our house. A boom, then a sound like a train coming, closer, closer, closer, right on us, then going farther away. I felt the shake through my feet, … Read more

Life Is A Beach: A Boat Wrapped In Red Tape

Bruce and I have spent a month in the garage, just the two of us. July and August are miserable in Virginia. Humidity hangs in the air, and we’ve had two weeks straight of temperatures in the upper nineties with no relief. I sit in a dry-docked boat, no water lapping at the sides, no … Read more

Saga Of The Larson Shark

  Part I: Left at T’s Corner It’s the first time I’ve been excited about the government auction website. Bruce trolls it like an online dater of heavy equipment. 1999 Ford F350/Powerstroke/Dual Wheel.”No Title” Morganton, NC; BUCKET Gallatin, TN; John Deere Bush Hog 1508 Nashville, TN; Greenhouse Frame Beaufort, SC… You get the idea—junk. I … Read more

Home To Chincoteague

Back at home again, our life resumed, but not as usual.  For the next week, Bruce talked about Chincoteague.  He reminisced about the nature trail, the quiet hometown feel of the place, Mister Whippy’s Ice Cream Shop, Mr. Baldy’s Restaurant, and the birds. Bruce never talks about birds. “Remember that seagull?” he asked me one … Read more

In Touch With Chincoteague

To this point of the story, our trip had been all about my convincing, cajoling, and wishing my way into Chincoteague. From the time my family arrived for the weekend, I had been creating a fairy tale, plotting and planning, attempting to control everything around me, and show the perfection of this place. None of … Read more

Quest for Chincoteague

The ongoing saga of one writer’s obsession to convince the world, and the stars, that she must live and write in Chincoteague, a quaint seaside village on the coast of Virginia. Click here to read previous installments. Or click here to see her picture book, Call of Chincoteague.   “The Real Estate agent sent us … Read more

Dream of Chincoteague

Part two in a series by M Dawn Thacker. Click here for part one. “If it doesn’t snow, we’ll go President’s Day weekend. Ryan is out of school Monday and Tuesday, so we can make a long weekend of it,” Bruce announced after listening to me go on and on about Chincoteague for a week. … Read more

The Call of Chincoteague

Click here to view M Dawn’s sample picture book. Three weeks ago I fell in love, and not with a person.  I had been after Bruce for months to take off with me to a new destination, but his landscaping/mulching, and handyman business had not let up like it usually does in winter. I had … Read more