Everyday I am born. Everyday I see you born. Everyday I love you and everyday you go. That’s why I must let you know today that I have always loved you. I will grow our love and share this joy just as you have grown and share your joy. My love is with you always … Read more

Let Me Taste Your Wares

 Gaboo recalls an autumn experience for this thanksgiving season…   Part-time job picking apples for one of my old man’s bar buddies. The guy owned a stitch on a hillside and procured himself a decent crop. A country drive, and Mr Apples is showing me the trees. Says “pick down this row,” and demonstrates how … Read more

The Real Dad

“You have reached a point in your existence where I need to reveal something,” Dad said. He stood in front of me with a floppy, farmhand’s hat bent on one side. His flannel shirt, open in front, hung over the belt line of his blue jeans. “If you’re going to take away the car, I’m … Read more

Summer Memories – Old Red Barn

Let’s travel with Adrienne to her youth, when the pastime was having time. …   Old Red Barn Adrienne S Moody We loved eating berries. Choke cherries ~ little red berries with a tiny pit inside that were so sour your lips pursed together in response. No Name Berries ~ perhaps they were inedible to … Read more

Summer Memories – Birch Bark

In our ongoing collection of Summer Memories, Jac takes us to a glade where stories grow. … Birch Bark Jac Do you remember?  Was there any more glorious feeling than cool birch bark sliding under hands and bare feet, across summer clothing exposed body parts, soft and scratchy with thousands of tickly frayed edges?  Maybe, … Read more

Summer Memories – Bestest Summer

In our ongoing collection of Summer Memories, Gaboo decides lemonade sales make for an enterprising vacation from the parents. …   Bestest Summer Ever Gaboo This had to be the week that my youngest brother was born. He came into the world, a blessing. Not that my younger brother wasn’t also a trinket of joy … Read more

Summer Memories – Family Reunion

In our ongoing collection of Summer Memories, M Dawn takes us on a journey to a special place and time. …   Summer Family Reunion M Dawn Thacker   My grandmother cooked the best fried chicken, baked beans, and candied yams. Her potato salad put others’ to shame and her country ham biscuits disappeared from … Read more

Summer Memories – Summer Light

Summer Light Gaboo Summer—near a window—and twilight streams through the glass propped half open. I’ll admit I’m sitting on the can. It’s summer, an evening in July, and I’m eight-years-old when school seems a thousand rules away. I hear the kids in the neighborhood, running with sticks, and shouting the next game—who will be the … Read more

Summer Memories with Adrienne

  Love to Summer I dream of the sun and warm temperatures. Sunglasses and sunscreen. Warm sand between my toes. Bobbing in the waves. Beach walking. Summer love? I would love to know the smell of summer where you grew up. How hot did it get? What did you spend those summers doing? What childhood … Read more

Privileges of Being an Uncle… or Aunt

What you can get away with by being THE most important relative? They have to deal with you. I can never be banned! I recall an interaction with the 4 year old nephew. I went to some plastic shopping mall to look for a dumb fun gift, dumber and funner the better for his birthday—he’s … Read more

Happy Mothers Day

That time again—wow the year has been a blur for moms out there. Hey Ma, can you lend me ten bucks to get you a present? Thanks, you’re the greatest! From the children of mothers at ReadThisPlease to those in our society who spring forth life and love, a few tales and anecdotes just about … Read more

What Do You Know?

Guys who know bears get eaten by bears. People who know horses get kicked by a horse.  A farmer who knows chickens has been set upon by a rooster. Trial and error, making the mistakes to make gains, making mistakes to set the precedent, falling from virtue and falling to it. That’s what jived this … Read more

You Are Loved

It’s Friday and the rain still falls, cleansing, sometimes. It’s been a bit of a dreadful time for some at a local high school. First a friend perishes and now, another young boy dies in tragedy. He made a fatal choice. If you have kids, tell them no matter what happens, you can always bug … Read more

Walking In A Blinkered Wonderland

Okay, see if you get this… Shop and drop drones and liquor store left turns parking lot escapade entry exit colliding spend thrift consumption kings in tow baked basket stuffing plump face rumpled plodders and crowders wanting and wailing racking up retail hole plugging sale for whatever ails ya when darkest days come and bowl … Read more