The Ferris Wheel – Flash Fiction

  I sat wedged between Mama and Ray. My feet dangled. We’d come to Virginia Beach like a family. It was nighttime, and carnival lights pulled me in. “Can we ride?” Three tickets later, we soared in a salty wind. Happy people laughed and screamed. City lights were our magic carpet. The carriage stopped at … Read more

Hurricane Sandy: M Dawn Reports

When Hurricane Sandy hit the Caribbean we hardly noticed. She was just a blip on the world radar, a ten second blurb on the evening news. She was a tropical storm then, meandering up the coast, traveling at a mere thirteen miles per hour. Late last week, our newscaster pulled us in to look at … Read more

Summer Memories – Old Red Barn

Let’s travel with Adrienne to her youth, when the pastime was having time. …   Old Red Barn Adrienne S Moody We loved eating berries. Choke cherries ~ little red berries with a tiny pit inside that were so sour your lips pursed together in response. No Name Berries ~ perhaps they were inedible to … Read more

Bring Your Camera

    “Come with me to deliver this load of mulch,” Bruce said last night after supper. I never know what our trips will bring. He doesn’t usually ask me along; so I know when he does invite me, there’s something he wants me to see. “Bring your camera,” he added as I walked toward … Read more

Geo Awareness – Earthquake Spring Season

Sometimes I hate being bang on. The following is from the archives of the ReadThisPlease forum. Last week, the writers were forecasting the spring lineup for earthquakes. Seems that big ones happen every 188 days or so. Input ACE Data of Magnetosphere Simulation and Earthquakes in March, 2012; as of 0315 Feb 17, 1996 … Read more

Little Miss Liberty

  Dearest Reader, Enclosed find the notes I have compiled in researching my new book, Little Miss Liberty. It was not my objective to write this story, but somehow little things happen and opportunities demand their own homage. A few years back I bought a silver coin, a piece of bullion, on a bet that … Read more

Traveling On Music Street

  From foggy N’awlins. (Did I spell that right?) Took many photos, haven’t gone through them all, but here’s one, turned b&w by computer magic, a guy playing cello (my favorite instrument) in the street. He was actually pretty good, at least to my ear. Ears are still ringing after a walk down Bourbon Street … Read more

Between Earthquake and Hurricane

Two natural disasters in one week, how many people can claim such? Tuesday we felt the roll and shake of a 5.9 earthquake centered forty miles from our house. A boom, then a sound like a train coming, closer, closer, closer, right on us, then going farther away. I felt the shake through my feet, … Read more

Life Is A Beach: Driftwood

  The beach is a place of refuge, a place to contemplate, or just look at half nude strangers. I especially like the beaches in the city; the sand is so fine your feet sink. Huge, strewn logs make for great hide-a-ways and a place to recline, if you want to read. The driftwood looks … Read more

Saga Of The Larson Shark

  Part I: Left at T’s Corner It’s the first time I’ve been excited about the government auction website. Bruce trolls it like an online dater of heavy equipment. 1999 Ford F350/Powerstroke/Dual Wheel.”No Title” Morganton, NC; BUCKET Gallatin, TN; John Deere Bush Hog 1508 Nashville, TN; Greenhouse Frame Beaufort, SC… You get the idea—junk. I … Read more

Life In The Middle Of Nowhere

After Island_Boy and I parted in the supermarket parking lot of a small seaside town, I stood and watched his black truck turn and disappear towards the ferry that would take him home. Quiet. For a brief few moments I felt this digging feeling of loneliness. A black hole appeared suddenly in front of me … Read more

Driving Lesson

From a writer’s perspective, it more or less went like this… Plan a safe route and anticipate any obstruction. Approach the vehicle. Walk around the vehicle inspecting the tires and road contact surfaces. Observe obstructions, pedestrians, and animals within the vicinity of the vehicle. Enter the vehicle and make necessary adjustments for comfort, visibility, and … Read more

Adrienne’s Sea to Sky Letdown

Adrienne’s Sea to Sky romance continues… My feelings towards Marcel had cooled, to say the least. Like cold water thrown on me—that’s how it felt. But now, back on the mountain, hearing the rush of a waterfall and breathing in the clean mountain air, the ‘erection incident‘ took on such little significance. Nothing was going … Read more

Adrienne’s Mountain Weekend Raises Passions

Adrienne’s Sea to Sky romance continues… Anyone who spends as much time exerting themselves climbing a  mountain as we did that day and then luxuriates in hot jet pools of water, is going to feel the endorphins surging through their body. For me this can last days. Although there were a few cracks in this … Read more