Care And Upkeep Of Writers

REVISED. Gad, the first version was meh. Dearest Darling, I confess that I have featured you in numerous provocative and compromising scenarios. I’ve also bumped you off without remorse. Early in our relationship, I would have been embarrassed to let you read how I’ve relied upon your visage and reputation for my content. Over time, … Read more

Various Musings on Self Adjudication

There’s a good movie with Jack Nicholson as a book editor. I like his set up, work at ten am with the manuscript neatly parsed on his big oak desk. He picks up a red pen and begins to paint. I think he was a vampire or something—in the movie. Personally, I think the editor’s … Read more

Kiva is Now – Join Team ReadThisPlease

AdminNow ~ All the chatter about the economy and the cost of debt, trying to make a go and find a little joy… enter KIVA. Thanks to Jen, intrepid ReadThisPlease idea generator, we are now a big tycoon moneybags lender! Not really, but we do have heart… From the desk of Jen A C: Have … Read more

Quips – Not Just For Snoots

I love quips. I toss them around like feathers in a pillow factory. I value quips because they allow compression of several ideas into meaningful and memorable mantra. In a slight of word, the listener, or the reader, is affected. Winston Churchill’s was my fav, referring to the marriage of that snooty British pompadour and … Read more

What To Do With Bad Thoughts – Poet’s Perspective

Gathering to tell stories. Everybody gets bad thoughts. Sometimes they come in flashbacks and sometimes they creep in. They are dark thoughts, and they amaze ourselves. They scare us. They fascinate us. They are gulleys and pitfalls as we look for light. There is nothing wrong with having bad thoughts. There is nothing you can … Read more

Search For Savings

We’re on a race. It’s crunch time. The sale ends today and three of us are a few coupons short for the big deal at Harris Teeter. Spaghetti sauce is on sale, buy two, get three free. With the manufacturer’s coupon, we can save $2.53 on each jar. That’s a ninety two percent savings. The … Read more

Career Path

At two-years-old I fell into the Oldman River. Apparently, I was swept downstream before a frantic search found me bobbing en route to a new frontier. At four-years-old, I, with the aid of Johnny Skdyski, commandeered a motorized rail car and, failing to propel the vehicle any great distance, stuffed the fuel tank with rocks. … Read more

Always Wanted to Float a River

Discourse between agent and writer veers on and off topic during a brief office interlude. “I’ve always wanted to write a book,” ponders the agent. “Really? I’ve always wanted to float a river,” seizes Gaboo, “a real long one. A great meandering trough that bends through geological eras. Sometimes I imagine that I am on … Read more

Dear Editor

Dear Editor, I am awed by your incipient mastery of jargon; a cunning contrivance these, your venal ploys grandiloquent. With humility, nay, incredulous ingratiation, I behest opportunity to serve for the aggrandizement of such a brilliant pettifogger as yourself. I will remain in your service despite the forces of nature which conspire to machinate your … Read more

Writer’s Block and Astronauts

You may encounter writer’s block because you carry a preconceived expectation of what the outcome will be. I will tell you now, that matters squat. I know this because I was forced to write thousands of ads on deadline. The same applies to story writing stress. Ask yourself, “Am I stumped because I am thinking … Read more

Why Do Writers Write?

Why does a writer write? This question has perplexed me. Determined, I began to read texts on linguistics and language development. The Treasure of Our Tongue by Lincoln Barnett was a good run through that detailed the formation of language, its purpose, and what path we follow developing how we “talk the way we talk”. … Read more

Exploring Writing

In my own way—and every writer is an individual—I learn to let go and spew upon the page. I’ve spent so much time over-analyzing the craft, that words have become meaningless and then reclaimed their meaning again in cyclical patterns. I’ve rebelled, repented, and wandered in cross-eyed revolt. Rhyme plum jammin word heads to hackin … Read more

Sturm und Drang

Literally, storm and stress, Sturm und Drang was a literary viewpoint, a brief, creative movement. The vitality, a flower thrust center point, then lashed to a backdrop of ominous foreboding—extremes, melodramatic, powerful in contrast. There’s beauty in forces greater than ourselves, and amplify the effect with an innocent, frail subject. This, I contend, is a … Read more

Prosody and the Human Condition

Prosody rhymes open some obscure doors, y’say? Those memorable games that kids like to play. 1,2,3, four, who will open up the door? 5, 6, 7, eight, the one who opens up the gate. Prosody isn’t a fancy pants art. It was born in the playground, ’round campfires, or caves in the dark. There’s a … Read more