M Dawn’s Back… Four Weeks Into Training

I graduated today. I left the safety of the flat, oval hardtop, and joined the “next step” group for a two mile walk/run from the Park at the Law School to University Hall.  Four weeks ago, I made a twenty dollar commitment and joined the Women’s Four Miler Training Program. The Women’s Four Miler is … Read more

Mother’s Day Aftermath

With much ado me and the boys traveled to Gran’s for a little Mother’s Day cheer. Eldest child whipped up a fantastic pizza from scratch, using just about every pan and pot she had. At least a pound per slice. Which reminds me, we should go get her some groceries.   On to the gifts. … Read more

Fish Tales For The Future

Steven Bird, contributor to ReadThisPlease and the Now, has been assembling an opportunity for enthusiasts and conservationists to share stories, anecdotes and resources for the betterment of the Columbia water basin in the Pacific Northwest. Click and visit.

Baseball Mom: The Big Game

I’ve been attending these Junior Varsity games of Ryan’s and they’re fun. I watch the boys, talk with parents and listen to the banter from the dugout. As always, Ryan is laid back. He’s not a starter, but fills in to pitch as closer on occasion, takes his place in left field usually somewhere around … Read more

Cost of High School Baseball

I’ve always thought the cost of my child’s sport was tallied in wins, loses, lessons learned, and time.  I never thought so many dollars would add up so quickly for one season of Junior Varsity Baseball. We received a letter earlier in the year regarding team sports in our county.  All athletes would pay a … Read more

Baseball 2011: Mothers In Spring Training

  I underestimate my youngest boy. Most of the time, he surprises me in the end. He decided, at the last minute, to try out for the high school baseball team. In our town, if you don’t start baseball at the earliest age, follow through with private hitting lessons, then ‘Fall Ball’, and finally ‘Winter … Read more