Flash Fiction (100 words or less) title not included :-)

Christmas In Passing “Excuse me?” a tall, fading man with a shuffling walk appeared in the doorway of the kitchen, at the care facility she was visiting. “Yes?” she answered him with a smile. “Could I have a dessert to take to my wife?” “I think so…” What a darling request, she thought, and turned … Read more

Grandpa’s On Facebook!

  Make no mistake, he doesn’t have all the characteristics of the men depicted on Mad Men, that hot award-winning sitcom that everyone talks about. But he is from that era and he would be damned if he would ever wear a pair of jeans. No, this man, my dad, was a shirt and tie … Read more

Ticking Clocks

The first collapse came well after dark. I sat straight up in bed, jolted awake by a tremor under me. I reached for my cell phone and pushed the center button. It was 12:18 a.m. I slid out of bed, not bothering to put on my glasses. I’d left the bedroom door ajar just in … Read more

Grandma’s Lilacs

  I. THE BURIAL OF THE DEAD APRIL is the cruellest month, breeding Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing Memory and desire, stirring Dull roots with spring rain. Winter kept us warm, covering Earth in forgetful snow, feeding A little life with dried tubers. –T. S. Eliot   I round the corner of my house … Read more

For The Love Of Gracie

“Gracie has the mind of a child. People tell me I may as well find another companion. But you can’t just throw away thirty-six years like it never happened. How do you move on? How do you leave her in that bed to waste away and die? You know they would call me from the … Read more

Lingering of a Fragrance

  Catherine attracted men, drew them to her like the latest model sports car, with her classic good looks, smooth lines, glossy curves, supple skin, and a powerful engine. Her scent was not that of new car though, it was a subtle hint of France that came from a cut glass atomizer. Her fragrance was … Read more

The Importance of Apples

Image © 2011 M Dawn Thacker Usually, when corporate executives visit the nursing home, the experience raises everyone’s blood pressure. Their expectations seem so unrealistic. After all, they sit in some office somewhere and make policy. We are busy taking care of basic needs and attempting to add a little light into old, frail lives. … Read more

Life Is A Beach: Along The Shoreline

  We take our teenager to the beach today. He wants to show off his new swimming trunks, splash in the surf, girl-watch, and ride a few waves. Bruce and I don’t have to run after Ryan now, we can sit in beach chairs and let him swim on his own. He keeps us in … Read more

Ladies of the Club: A Newcomer Meets Adrienne

M Dawn introduced Adrienne Moody’s stories to the women of a Virginia care facility. They are not short on opinions regarding Ms. Moody’s forays into the world of online dating…   There was a new member of the group today, Jeanette.  She is not long term, but attends the nursing home for rehab to train … Read more

Dance Of A Lifetime

We entered the studio, dimly lit with strands of white lights draped across large mirrors. Wine glasses and candles set the mood as semi-romantic. Dainty finger sandwiches and desserts adorn the back table. We all wait with our partners, some more anxious than others. Dancers mill and chatter among familiar faces. A few come over … Read more

Flowers On The Run – A Perennial Bed

  The speed limit was forty-five and Mary ignored it, willing the engine faster as the wind rushed through the open car window, streaming her tears. She was speeding away on the back roads of Fendal County, running from an argument with her husband Bill, and racing in search of peace. Three miles out of … Read more

Exclusive With The Queen… Bee

  Bruce’s cell phone rang. He usually looks at the display and sends the call to voicemail—when we’re at the dinner table. Instead, he flipped the phone open and said, “What’s up?”  It could only be his mama. His parents are seventy-seven and eighty-four. They are both active and fairly healthy for their age, but … Read more

Ladies of the Club: Tools Better Than Looks

written by M Dawn Thacker We were all gathered for the weekly Virginia Auxiliary of the Adrienne Moody Fan Club when a story stirred comments even before the ladies finished reading it.  There were a few “What’s?”, some “Oh My’s!” and one “What in the world is wrong with this man?”  Most ladies were shaking … Read more

Elder Series – Jane

M Dawn Thacker has compiled a series of short stories about elders, their experiences aging, and the challenges they face. M Dawn continues her series with Jane…   Most days, Jane sits slumped. When alert, she shuffles her feet to propel the wheelchair forward. She wanders without purpose. People pass her in the hallway on … Read more