Why Are We Concerned With Politics?

Because there are madmen at the wheel. Think about it. If people didn’t pursue power over others, there would be no need for governance. That’s the power paradigm—those who take power from an oppressor become the oppressor. The word ‘environment’ used to be define our surroundings. Then the word became associated in the phrase ‘natural … Read more

Truth, Good or Bad

Someone prompted the following… For True 10/23 21:36:49 the ways I fear the truth as I fear the day rising locked in a moment before the dream burns away truth can wait hard, unforgiving, merciless truth stayed– holding, clinging closest to god before the ringing before a name is called when inevitable turns outcome gather … Read more

Tomorrow’s Grunt, Honey Speak and Word Crime

Tomorrow’s Grunt < gaboo > 06/09 11:39:00 Lincoln Barnett’s The Treasure of Our Tongue conveys a plea that language devolves naturally to grunts. Isolation maintains rigidity, whereas a phrase worn by multitudes can erode to mere mesa of its former application. He contends, with seasoned rationale, that the English language actually strives for efficiency, despite … Read more

At The Controls Of Spaceship Earth

  I think flying insects see us as yesterday, like buildings. When I walk past a building I know it wasn’t built today. It’s slow and barely changes. It’s from yesterday. Would trees see us as brash, surprising? I think crawling bugs see us as buildings that walk. I was thinking a lot about our … Read more

Privileges of Being an Uncle… or Aunt

What you can get away with by being THE most important relative? They have to deal with you. I can never be banned! I recall an interaction with the 4 year old nephew. I went to some plastic shopping mall to look for a dumb fun gift, dumber and funner the better for his birthday—he’s … Read more

Walking In A Blinkered Wonderland

Okay, see if you get this… Shop and drop drones and liquor store left turns parking lot escapade entry exit colliding spend thrift consumption kings in tow baked basket stuffing plump face rumpled plodders and crowders wanting and wailing racking up retail hole plugging sale for whatever ails ya when darkest days come and bowl … Read more

Our Inner Nuts

Imagine a nut directly in the center of your brain. That could be you. The self you. Likewise, that could be inside of me, the nut within. Doesn’t it seem natural to feel that way, self as a little core nugget? The inner sanctum, tucked just inside the shell. Imagine you lose grip on that … Read more

Sorry, I’m Occupied

I love American politics, ours are so boring. We went through this ‘who are we’ self examination years ago. Word of advice, get rid of corruption. Politics are parasites on the hide of good stewardship. I’ve written essays on the process: Approach leader, promise funky jet, get regulation passed, block competition. Do hope you people … Read more

500 Unread Messages

500 unread emails? I was practicing esp. Watch. I just made a light flicker, did you notice? Ah, maybe not, but a moth noticed it somewhere. Then it was for that moth. I’m not totally up on posting etiquette, but my fellow sprites jog me to jot some notes. Follow the bouncing baphoon… I wonder … Read more

Swerving Toward American Exceptionalism

Gosh, what a summer! If you’ve returned late and sat down to read all the news, you’ll need another vacation. Left, right, turn around, repack, and head straight back into the bush. Well, shower first. Rain, flooding, tornado, hurricanes, earthquakes, heatwaves, drought, what a cinematic summer. I could just sit and look at the sky … Read more

Life Is A Beach: Boobies

Yeah, the beach. Love the beach. Love sand between my toes and the water smell. I like the heat that comes with summer that comes when you start thinking about the beach. I like beach food and beach grease, beach salt, and beach fashion. Goin’ to the beach. Goin’ to the beach. Super day ahead, … Read more

Passing Notes

“Sitting in large, overcrowded rooms gives me the willies.” “My palms sweat.” “My head screams.” “My body twitches.” “It’s like a switch set off by revolving doors, aggravated by bodies in close proximity.” “I lurch through the metal detector and take a seat, careful to place myself near an exit in case panic takes hold.” … Read more

Words May Describe Me

Words may describe me, but what is the essence of who I am? Am I my thoughts? My words? My personality? My strengths minus my weaknesses, multiplied by my talents and divided by my handicaps? Am I breath and lungs, life and air? Am I the beating of my heart? Listen. Do you hear that? … Read more

Always Wanted to Float a River

Discourse between agent and writer veers on and off topic during a brief office interlude. “I’ve always wanted to write a book,” ponders the agent. “Really? I’ve always wanted to float a river,” seizes Gaboo, “a real long one. A great meandering trough that bends through geological eras. Sometimes I imagine that I am on … Read more