Adrienne’s Ramble

We didn’t have well-defined role models when I was growing up. We were the in-between generation. Girls graduating with me were unsure of the future. Only a handful went on to university and those who did, I’ve learned, ended up getting married soon after and their degrees went on as a pipe dream or if … Read more

And The Ladies Of The Fan Club Say…

written by M Dawn Thacker The Virginia Auxiliary of the Adrienne Moody Fan Club gathered expectantly outside the activity room door. They picked up their copies of Friend or Lover, Adrienne’s musings over whether or not to date her long time roommate, Michael. I noticed some eyebrows raise as the ladies took turns reading paragraphs. … Read more

Adrienne S. Moody Fan Club Update

written by M Dawn Thacker An Adrienne S. Moody Fan Club was born today and literally worlds away. The nursing home Short Story Club meets weekly to read aloud and discuss one short story. Members bring short literary pieces from authors they like, or from magazines they’ve read. Sometimes members write their own tale, or … Read more

Who is Adrienne S Moody?

A review by Gaboo, another writer. So Adrienne S Moody is gonna step in and write a column for She ups the ante. The rest of us will have to write more to get any notoriety.  I’ve always known her by an innocuous internet handle and it’s only recently that’s she come out … Read more