Comfort Food Buffet – Gaboo Quips

  At the buffet… The menu was jacked up, the entree was road ready, and the pie we left deserted. Who’s the brains of the operation in dining? The head cheese. The seating was so confusing that we played musical chairs with a conundrum. Do not feast beyond your welcome unless the host looks completely … Read more

Custard Pies and Family Reunions

Egg custard pie was my favorite. Mama stood in the kitchen, Grandma Payne’s recipe card propped at eye level in the window, the green glass mixing bowl in front of her, as she combined milk, eggs, sugar, nutmeg, and vanilla. She whisked the mixture and poured it into the unbaked pie shells resting on the … Read more

Summer Memories – Pie

Pie by Gaboo I will bake a perfect pie one so grand and extra wide pie thick trick with six stick butter crusted sugar mother’s berry rhubarb straw rasp fillin’ roll out flour shape shell gasp a perfect pie to slake a fast (Careful when you shove in oven) Ripened pipin fresh fruit feast bubble … Read more

Comfort Food – Simple Pleasures

  If you want lower taxes, set another place at your table. Where we live food is part of the lifestyle. It’s semi-rural here and the cultivation of food, gardening, and the processing of over-stock is a portion of the weekly routine. We personally have chickens and all the turmoil that goes with chickens. It … Read more

Comfort Food – Scalloped Potatoes

  Margaret Dawn! What have you gotten yourself into this time? Well, let’s see, today, it’s my Mama’s scalloped potatoes. I’ve never made them because for every family function, my boys ask their Maw-Maw to bring hers. And, hers are the best, a 13”x9” baking dish layered with sliced potatoes, onion, and sharp cheddar cheese, … Read more

Comfort Food in the Crock-pot

  Ah, winter coming on, time for slow foods. Vegetarians, please ignore this post! Ingredients: 2 lamb shanks (or more if your crock-pot is bigger) 1 small/medium onion, diced 1 sweet red pepper, diced 1 large carrot, diced 4-6 cloves garlic, pressed 1 cup red wine water to almost cover the meat 1 tsp each … Read more

Milk Toast – A Comfort Food Tale has been collecting recipes and stories from our contributing writers. Follow our Comfort Food series and travel us back to time with that warm, fuzzy feeling all over.   I was listening to the radio one evening this week and the book reviewer mentioned that a story was as bland as milk toast.  I … Read more