Ladies of the Club: A Newcomer Meets Adrienne

M Dawn introduced Adrienne Moody’s stories to the women of a Virginia care facility. They are not short on opinions regarding Ms. Moody’s forays into the world of online dating…   There was a new member of the group today, Jeanette.  She is not long term, but attends the nursing home for rehab to train … Read more

Ladies of the Club: Tools Better Than Looks

written by M Dawn Thacker We were all gathered for the weekly Virginia Auxiliary of the Adrienne Moody Fan Club when a story stirred comments even before the ladies finished reading it.  There were a few “What’s?”, some “Oh My’s!” and one “What in the world is wrong with this man?”  Most ladies were shaking … Read more

And The Ladies Of The Fan Club Say…

written by M Dawn Thacker The Virginia Auxiliary of the Adrienne Moody Fan Club gathered expectantly outside the activity room door. They picked up their copies of Friend or Lover, Adrienne’s musings over whether or not to date her long time roommate, Michael. I noticed some eyebrows raise as the ladies took turns reading paragraphs. … Read more

Adrienne S. Moody Fan Club Update

written by M Dawn Thacker An Adrienne S. Moody Fan Club was born today and literally worlds away. The nursing home Short Story Club meets weekly to read aloud and discuss one short story. Members bring short literary pieces from authors they like, or from magazines they’ve read. Sometimes members write their own tale, or … Read more

Learning the Hard Way

A reader story by fiwey My young, adult son jumped in my car today. He wasn’t wearing a coat. When ordered back into the house to get waterproof garb, he responded that he was wearing two sweaters. He said that he was fine. “But they say it’s going to snow,” I ribbed. “I’m OK, Mom.” … Read more