Truth, Good or Bad

Someone prompted the following… For True 10/23 21:36:49 the ways I fear the truth as I fear the day rising locked in a moment before the dream burns away truth can wait hard, unforgiving, merciless truth stayed– holding, clinging closest to god before the ringing before a name is called when inevitable turns outcome gather … Read more

Comfort Food Buffet – Gaboo Quips

  At the buffet… The menu was jacked up, the entree was road ready, and the pie we left deserted. Who’s the brains of the operation in dining? The head cheese. The seating was so confusing that we played musical chairs with a conundrum. Do not feast beyond your welcome unless the host looks completely … Read more

Summer Memories – Pie

Pie by Gaboo I will bake a perfect pie one so grand and extra wide pie thick trick with six stick butter crusted sugar mother’s berry rhubarb straw rasp fillin’ roll out flour shape shell gasp a perfect pie to slake a fast (Careful when you shove in oven) Ripened pipin fresh fruit feast bubble … Read more

Deep Dream Diving

  The contributors at are thrilled when friends and readers share their own creativity with us. Lisa Long Braids, poet, invites us along with her composition, Deep Dream Diving.   Deep Dream Diving by Lisa Long Braids   Just the wind playing games With my mind Taking me deep dream diving Consumed with my … Read more

Blue Light Lonely

  blue light lonely come to me dressed for deep cool in a sour rain before night on his shoulder leans to snuff the incandescent candle wick and dark sinks you away     Two creative types from the ReadThisPlease Cafe team up for an impromptu vignette. image: Blue Light © 2011 M Dawn Thacker … Read more

I Love You Valentine From Gaboo

It’s a now thing. Only buy Fair Trade chocolate!   I Love You, Valentine by Gaboo My Valentine would be my first Long wondered when we’d meet She came along two score in years When love would have us greet I remember our best Valentine The day that we were wed I knew she was … Read more

What To Do With Bad Thoughts – Poet’s Perspective

Gathering to tell stories. Everybody gets bad thoughts. Sometimes they come in flashbacks and sometimes they creep in. They are dark thoughts, and they amaze ourselves. They scare us. They fascinate us. They are gulleys and pitfalls as we look for light. There is nothing wrong with having bad thoughts. There is nothing you can … Read more

Walking In A Blinkered Wonderland

Okay, see if you get this… Shop and drop drones and liquor store left turns parking lot escapade entry exit colliding spend thrift consumption kings in tow baked basket stuffing plump face rumpled plodders and crowders wanting and wailing racking up retail hole plugging sale for whatever ails ya when darkest days come and bowl … Read more

Life Is A Beach: Something Heavy Looms

  Something heavy looms overhead, something heavier than the clouds gathering above the shoreline. Even the air felt dense, like walking through thick fog. People seemed in tune, a little more gentle, a little more aware, soaking up whatever peaceful moments the remaining weekend held. The pier was packed. Many with cameras, of which I … Read more

It’s here… ReadThisPlease is now on Book!

Yes we have made ReadThisPlease available, at your demand, on the new tactile sensory device called, ‘a book’. Volume One contains 416 rectangular shaped sheets of text—and when bound in this innovative, glossy-covered format, you can take it anywhere. Never needs charging, or batteries, or replacement ink. Thick, full of stories, poems, observations, reflections, and … Read more

Finding A Quiet Place

  We all have a need for solace, to get away from the routine of life, seek out spirit. For me, I tromp down to the sandy shore or stroll through a nearby park, wade through a stream on the side of the road. There’s this quiet little hidden waterhole tucked away at the state … Read more

Dirt Poor or Filthy Rich – Wording Famine Relief

“Hunger is a very powerful word.  Without context or definition, it causes emotional responses to percolate deep in my core.  Hunger’s six letters standing on my retina or its two syllables bouncing in my ear find me immediately feeling fear, sadness and anger. Add context and definition, the sight or sound of hunger cause rage, … Read more

Early Morning Financial

At the peace of mind branch in a park bench line a gull tells a couple withdraw two whims I deposit a fountain penny skip when motorcycles attempt attention robbery then thwarted by a dream of freedom and the open road in the early morning financial district   Early Morning Financial © 2011 Gaboo. Read … Read more

Beads On A String

Grab a piece of yarn, loop the end. That prevents you from falling, becomes your lifeline. When you get to the end of the rope, reach up. Someone will be there next to you, hanging too. He or she will likely be different from you, but the path upward will be similar. Look up. Look … Read more