Lament of a Modern-day Mestiza

Lament of a Modern-day Mestiza   In my veins runs the blood of at least six different peoples: Spanish, Mexican, Scottish, Irish, English and German. My paternal grandparents were mestizos from Chihuahua and Durango. They had grown up in the towns and attended school up to the eighth grade. They came to the U.S. in … Read more

The Canadian Great Escape

November 11th is Remembrance Day, a day to pay our respects to all the men and women who fought for our freedom. I listened to a radio broadcast this afternoon in which Jian Ghomeshi interviewed Robert Fisk who is the Middle East war corespondent for the The Independent newspaper. He recently wrote an article, “Do … Read more

Hurricane Sandy: M Dawn Reports

When Hurricane Sandy hit the Caribbean we hardly noticed. She was just a blip on the world radar, a ten second blurb on the evening news. She was a tropical storm then, meandering up the coast, traveling at a mere thirteen miles per hour. Late last week, our newscaster pulled us in to look at … Read more

Musing on Deteriorating Urban Infrastructure

  “Roads in suburban neighborhoods are better than urban” subsidized neighborhoods. I’ve heard this railed on the news, re some speech a politician was giving to establish an us vs them tactic. Infrastructure depends on the mayor of the community and the tax base. Reminds me of the road to Secret Lake. One bend is … Read more

Find the Cause

  “59,000 North Americans will die of breast cancer in one year.” Pink Ribbons Inc. National Film Board of Canada   I was up late the other night watching the documentary, Pink Ribbons Inc. I was shocked to learn the facts. We think we know and understand something and it is revolutionary to realize we … Read more

Ticking Clocks

The first collapse came well after dark. I sat straight up in bed, jolted awake by a tremor under me. I reached for my cell phone and pushed the center button. It was 12:18 a.m. I slid out of bed, not bothering to put on my glasses. I’d left the bedroom door ajar just in … Read more

Odd Little Account

I was thinking about change. Simple changes, breaking patterns (I don’t mean political change or social change, I mean personal alteration). I think people have a hard time with changing their habits and routines. Even if their current behavior is detrimental. People seem accustomed to familiarity and perhaps they find some security in doing a … Read more

“I’m Sorry”

  With my tax documents on the front seat of the CRV this morning, I drove to town. Mrs. Gordon was waiting for me at her apartment complex north of the city. She’s an elderly lady who retired from GE years ago, but prepares taxes to supplement her Social Security.  I hate the main drag … Read more

Kiva is Now – Join Team ReadThisPlease

AdminNow ~ All the chatter about the economy and the cost of debt, trying to make a go and find a little joy… enter KIVA. Thanks to Jen, intrepid ReadThisPlease idea generator, we are now a big tycoon moneybags lender! Not really, but we do have heart… From the desk of Jen A C: Have … Read more

Geo Awareness – Earthquake Spring Season

Sometimes I hate being bang on. The following is from the archives of the ReadThisPlease forum. Last week, the writers were forecasting the spring lineup for earthquakes. Seems that big ones happen every 188 days or so. Input ACE Data of Magnetosphere Simulation and Earthquakes in March, 2012; as of 0315 Feb 17, 1996 … Read more

My Groovy Girl – Naming the Larsen Shark

Harder than Naming a Baby My decal man finally worked me into his schedule. It’s only been five months since we received the title and registration to the boat in the mail. That’s when it became legal. That’s when we became real owners of the 1971 Larsen Shark. We’d spent an entire summer attempting to … Read more

Comfort Food – Scalloped Potatoes

  Margaret Dawn! What have you gotten yourself into this time? Well, let’s see, today, it’s my Mama’s scalloped potatoes. I’ve never made them because for every family function, my boys ask their Maw-Maw to bring hers. And, hers are the best, a 13”x9” baking dish layered with sliced potatoes, onion, and sharp cheddar cheese, … Read more

You Are Loved

It’s Friday and the rain still falls, cleansing, sometimes. It’s been a bit of a dreadful time for some at a local high school. First a friend perishes and now, another young boy dies in tragedy. He made a fatal choice. If you have kids, tell them no matter what happens, you can always bug … Read more

Walking In A Blinkered Wonderland

Okay, see if you get this… Shop and drop drones and liquor store left turns parking lot escapade entry exit colliding spend thrift consumption kings in tow baked basket stuffing plump face rumpled plodders and crowders wanting and wailing racking up retail hole plugging sale for whatever ails ya when darkest days come and bowl … Read more