What to buy for Armageddon?

There are only a few shopping days left until Armageddon. Writers are intuitive, and many leave chores for last. I’m not sure what I’ll get those closest, or even those in close proximity. Haven’t been tuned up to far reaching circumstances and half the conclusions we arrive at lose importance with vicinity. Goals are less … Read more

Little Miss Liberty – The Game

Three rules of investing: 1. Invest in yourself first. Invest in your knowledge and character. 2. Remember you are dealing with people. 3. Buy low and sell high.   The Game: Tempt people into slavery using their own lust.   The Strategy: People want to be loved. However, many people are too lazy or too … Read more

Little Miss Liberty

  Dearest Reader, Enclosed find the notes I have compiled in researching my new book, Little Miss Liberty. It was not my objective to write this story, but somehow little things happen and opportunities demand their own homage. A few years back I bought a silver coin, a piece of bullion, on a bet that … Read more

Through Night We Tread

The Witch, First Edition, by B Gregory Lewis is SOLD OUT. A secret online version for readers of ReadThisPlease: http://thewitchbook.wordpress.com/ is NOW CLOSED. The Witch, Second Edition, will be AVAILABLE SOON in illustrated and pocketbook versions. Scroll down… The Witch, First Edition, was registered by the National Archives of Canada on December 21, 2007, strangely … Read more

All Along The Monashee – Scene and Setting

  Somebody arrives home to a posh apartment. The view through floor to ceiling windows is an urban cityscape at night. The subject picks up a device and texts: I’m back. Not a single speeding ticket. Sagebrush in my nostrils. Wheat grass in my socks. Sun bleached through. I forgot how everything in the desert … Read more

The Cardinal

Only a handful of memories persist from those days, and those tattered and ambiguous at best. Yet my memory of the cardinal is most vivid; and viewed from the vantage of years the details of that day have become more understandable, though still not entirely understood. It was a long time ago. Those were different … Read more

Mystic Writer Foreshadows Party Boy Woes

In serendipitous fashion, Now.readthisplease.com recently posted an excerpt of The Witch, by B G Lewis. The timing was impeccable in the field of mystic foreshadowing. The post might have been predicting current events. Spooky. Party boy, C. Sheen, has just found himself in disfavor with a sect of Witches in Salem. Apparently, his sly wit … Read more