Let Me Taste Your Wares

 Gaboo recalls an autumn experience for this thanksgiving season…   Part-time job picking apples for one of my old man’s bar buddies. The guy owned a stitch on a hillside and procured himself a decent crop. A country drive, and Mr Apples is showing me the trees. Says “pick down this row,” and demonstrates how … Read more

Scariest Animals

A tale trilogy from Gaboo… Tale Of Two Chickens Two chickens, both from the same flock, and raised for eggs. One is sexier, smaller, with better color in feathers. The other is bigger, smarter, and plays the angle. There are two more hens, but they’re older, meaner, and they gossip. Now, of the two youngin’s, … Read more

Comfort Food Buffet – Gaboo Quips

  At the buffet… The menu was jacked up, the entree was road ready, and the pie we left deserted. Who’s the brains of the operation in dining? The head cheese. The seating was so confusing that we played musical chairs with a conundrum. Do not feast beyond your welcome unless the host looks completely … Read more

Summer Memories – Pie

Pie by Gaboo I will bake a perfect pie one so grand and extra wide pie thick trick with six stick butter crusted sugar mother’s berry rhubarb straw rasp fillin’ roll out flour shape shell gasp a perfect pie to slake a fast (Careful when you shove in oven) Ripened pipin fresh fruit feast bubble … Read more

Summer Memories – Bestest Summer

In our ongoing collection of Summer Memories, Gaboo decides lemonade sales make for an enterprising vacation from the parents. …   Bestest Summer Ever Gaboo This had to be the week that my youngest brother was born. He came into the world, a blessing. Not that my younger brother wasn’t also a trinket of joy … Read more

Tomorrow’s Grunt, Honey Speak and Word Crime

Tomorrow’s Grunt < gaboo > 06/09 11:39:00 Lincoln Barnett’s The Treasure of Our Tongue conveys a plea that language devolves naturally to grunts. Isolation maintains rigidity, whereas a phrase worn by multitudes can erode to mere mesa of its former application. He contends, with seasoned rationale, that the English language actually strives for efficiency, despite … Read more

Quips – Not Just For Snoots

I love quips. I toss them around like feathers in a pillow factory. I value quips because they allow compression of several ideas into meaningful and memorable mantra. In a slight of word, the listener, or the reader, is affected. Winston Churchill’s was my fav, referring to the marriage of that snooty British pompadour and … Read more

Love Note From Cupid

Tuesday, February 14th, Sunshine Hey, Been busy setting up for a medieval art shoot, arranging picnic baskets, and lounging on one of those one knee high dais things for proposing. Gotta be flying in the treetops at ten-ish. Not too much time to write. Spring is in the air, sorry about the chill—it’s not my … Read more

Just Eat A !%#@ing Vegetable!

Just a thumbs up for a humorous little piece of advice from The Onion. I look for these things when I need a little respite from stress. I just got off the phone with mom trying to explain how to type an address in her internet browser. I could headbutt a car right now. On … Read more

Life Is A Beach: Boobies

Yeah, the beach. Love the beach. Love sand between my toes and the water smell. I like the heat that comes with summer that comes when you start thinking about the beach. I like beach food and beach grease, beach salt, and beach fashion. Goin’ to the beach. Goin’ to the beach. Super day ahead, … Read more

It’s here… ReadThisPlease is now on Book!

Yes we have made ReadThisPlease available, at your demand, on the new tactile sensory device called, ‘a book’. Volume One contains 416 rectangular shaped sheets of text—and when bound in this innovative, glossy-covered format, you can take it anywhere. Never needs charging, or batteries, or replacement ink. Thick, full of stories, poems, observations, reflections, and … Read more

Driving Lesson

From a writer’s perspective, it more or less went like this… Plan a safe route and anticipate any obstruction. Approach the vehicle. Walk around the vehicle inspecting the tires and road contact surfaces. Observe obstructions, pedestrians, and animals within the vicinity of the vehicle. Enter the vehicle and make necessary adjustments for comfort, visibility, and … Read more

Adrienne’s Back… Meeting With Expectations

Sometimes I can tell after only one glance that someone is not right for me. That’s the way it was with Craig, a man I met a week ago at a new coffee shop I’m meeting potential victims, er…  partners. I like this place and besides the old one was getting tiresome with the barista … Read more

Homonyms: Don’t Serve Alcohol To Miners

Just have to kick this out whilst the cell popping epiphany strikes. I recall the moment that my father had an occupation and that I, too, would one day have an occupation (when I was about four-years-old). The adults were talking, some grown up business—now I speculate they were discussing the news. Apparently, there was … Read more