Deep Dream Diving

  The contributors at are thrilled when friends and readers share their own creativity with us. Lisa Long Braids, poet, invites us along with her composition, Deep Dream Diving.   Deep Dream Diving by Lisa Long Braids   Just the wind playing games With my mind Taking me deep dream diving Consumed with my … Read more

Kiva is Now – Join Team ReadThisPlease

AdminNow ~ All the chatter about the economy and the cost of debt, trying to make a go and find a little joy… enter KIVA. Thanks to Jen, intrepid ReadThisPlease idea generator, we are now a big tycoon moneybags lender! Not really, but we do have heart… From the desk of Jen A C: Have … Read more

Dirt Poor or Filthy Rich – Wording Famine Relief

“Hunger is a very powerful word.  Without context or definition, it causes emotional responses to percolate deep in my core.  Hunger’s six letters standing on my retina or its two syllables bouncing in my ear find me immediately feeling fear, sadness and anger. Add context and definition, the sight or sound of hunger cause rage, … Read more

Words On Cowboy Poetry From The High Prairie

Written by B Lewis for Somehow or other, seems cowboy poetry has taken on a big todo east of the Great Divide. All because of the timing of a runaway tale, I expect. Harry Reid, big city guy, made mention of the past time (?) to downtown folk when he was promoting a cowboy … Read more

Tires by Bruce Reisner

(Some mature language) The color red causes bulls to run at you. Mad people may escalate upon seeing a wench in a red hooded sweat shirt. It’s the color of valentines, if I haven’t passed the last phase of syph. And red are the tires on my bicycle, the most wonderful bike I’ve ever owned. … Read more