Pharaoh Enters An Afterlife – MP3 Story

A brief, night fright from the dreamworld of Steven Bird and produced in audio form by ReadThisPlease. This is a little experiment from us for you, enjoy.     Click to hear mp3 audio story… Pharaoh Enters An Afterlife   The bound papyrus funeral barge bearing Pharaoh and His Queen touched the quay at Memphis. … Read more

Through Night We Tread

The Witch, First Edition, by B Gregory Lewis is SOLD OUT. A secret online version for readers of ReadThisPlease: is NOW CLOSED. The Witch, Second Edition, will be AVAILABLE SOON in illustrated and pocketbook versions. Scroll down… The Witch, First Edition, was registered by the National Archives of Canada on December 21, 2007, strangely … Read more

Life is a Beach

Image by Sarah Scott   The Northern prairies do not have a lengthy bikini season. Rachel and Arlene starved themselves for three months in the spring in anticipation for the appearance of the hot summer sun warming their skin at the beach wearing a scandalously skimpy bathing suit. The only lake in their vicinity wasn’t … Read more

It’s here… ReadThisPlease is now on Book!

Yes we have made ReadThisPlease available, at your demand, on the new tactile sensory device called, ‘a book’. Volume One contains 416 rectangular shaped sheets of text—and when bound in this innovative, glossy-covered format, you can take it anywhere. Never needs charging, or batteries, or replacement ink. Thick, full of stories, poems, observations, reflections, and … Read more

Driving Lesson

From a writer’s perspective, it more or less went like this… Plan a safe route and anticipate any obstruction. Approach the vehicle. Walk around the vehicle inspecting the tires and road contact surfaces. Observe obstructions, pedestrians, and animals within the vicinity of the vehicle. Enter the vehicle and make necessary adjustments for comfort, visibility, and … Read more

Flowers On The Run – A Perennial Bed

  The speed limit was forty-five and Mary ignored it, willing the engine faster as the wind rushed through the open car window, streaming her tears. She was speeding away on the back roads of Fendal County, running from an argument with her husband Bill, and racing in search of peace. Three miles out of … Read more

All Along The Monashee – Scene and Setting

  Somebody arrives home to a posh apartment. The view through floor to ceiling windows is an urban cityscape at night. The subject picks up a device and texts: I’m back. Not a single speeding ticket. Sagebrush in my nostrils. Wheat grass in my socks. Sun bleached through. I forgot how everything in the desert … Read more

The Garden – A Short Story

  Gladdy Phipps sets the keys on the counter, walks through the front door, closes it, and never returns again. What compels people to change their lives? Is it when they can feel time draining and the opportunities becoming less, narrower? Gladdy is sixty-three years old, divorced, and suffers from schizophrenia. Diagnosed, she’s running a … Read more

Friend or Lover

Michael lived with me as a roommate for over two years. The first place we shared was a tiny 900 square foot top floor of a three level home that tipped slightly ocean side. It didn’t always lean. The landlord decided to do some much needed renovations, so he began to dig in the front … Read more


Baji collects wood. His eyes dart and he catches the blood and mahogany glint. Ironwood is scarce, but with enough small, weathered pieces and some wire gingerly coiled in his pocket, he can fashion a reasonable necklace in trade for a bowl of rice or slhani from a vendor. Shade in the afternoon finds him … Read more


1.0 Monday Morning Coffee   Phil turned from the coffee machine to watch Landy drop a briefcase next to the office dinette. “How was the weekend?” Phil asked. “Weekend good,” Landy yawned and stretched his arms. “Sooo?” “So, what?” “Didn’t you take Denise out? Somewhere on Saturday?” “Sure. Went to the Point. Watched the concert … Read more

ReadThisPlease Edition #8 Released

  Read This Please Online Periodical Edition #8, themed Melancholic Habitus, and all about the turmoil of inspiration. Writers, poets, artists and musicians can relate. We understand the web of angst and rumination coiling in the frontal lobe. We dive in and sort through triggers, flashbacks and mental mazes, organizing fleeting glimpses into verse, or … Read more

Mystic Writer Foreshadows Party Boy Woes

In serendipitous fashion, recently posted an excerpt of The Witch, by B G Lewis. The timing was impeccable in the field of mystic foreshadowing. The post might have been predicting current events. Spooky. Party boy, C. Sheen, has just found himself in disfavor with a sect of Witches in Salem. Apparently, his sly wit … Read more

Readthisplease Valentine’s Day Edition

Dear Reader, We invite you to Read This Please, our online periodical, and the start of a second volume. What better day to begin again? Spring’s coming around soon—romance seeks the willing. A Valentine’s Day edition felt right. And it’s all about the love—shall we get a little intimate? Perhaps reveal those inner yearnings that … Read more