Care And Upkeep Of Writers

REVISED. Gad, the first version was meh. Dearest Darling, I confess that I have featured you in numerous provocative and compromising scenarios. I’ve also bumped you off without remorse. Early in our relationship, I would have been embarrassed to let you read how I’ve relied upon your visage and reputation for my content. Over time, … Read more

Lament of a Modern-day Mestiza

Lament of a Modern-day Mestiza   In my veins runs the blood of at least six different peoples: Spanish, Mexican, Scottish, Irish, English and German. My paternal grandparents were mestizos from Chihuahua and Durango. They had grown up in the towns and attended school up to the eighth grade. They came to the U.S. in … Read more

Letter From Christmas Isle

I am granting you my newest wish, because wishes are the most wondrous of human attributes. Take my pinky, and we’ll walk as we read, sauntering a path of words set in this year 2012… Beware the haunts. Beware of what finds your inner harbor. Allowing selective haunting gathers selective baggage. I sidestep the news, … Read more

Sidewalk Philosopher – The Illusion

Sidewalk philosopher. Writer holds no opinion. Edited. -4 hours sleep. I’ll write it brief, it’s late, but don’t want to burden you with a bunch of rhetoric. And if the heart goes a pitter-patter or the head gets sore, I’ll know I’m breaching some prime directive and back off. First, consider this: you’re made of … Read more

Tomorrow’s Grunt, Honey Speak and Word Crime

Tomorrow’s Grunt < gaboo > 06/09 11:39:00 Lincoln Barnett’s The Treasure of Our Tongue conveys a plea that language devolves naturally to grunts. Isolation maintains rigidity, whereas a phrase worn by multitudes can erode to mere mesa of its former application. He contends, with seasoned rationale, that the English language actually strives for efficiency, despite … Read more

Cheap Parking – Money, Economy And A Storyline

I don’t give investment advice. I don’t even listen much to investment advice. But I do like sticking a litmus probe into some cavity of society and taking ph reading. So I wrote this several weeks ago and withheld it. I didn’t want to jinx the market. You see, in my quest to understand money … Read more

What To Do With Bad Thoughts – Poet’s Perspective

Gathering to tell stories. Everybody gets bad thoughts. Sometimes they come in flashbacks and sometimes they creep in. They are dark thoughts, and they amaze ourselves. They scare us. They fascinate us. They are gulleys and pitfalls as we look for light. There is nothing wrong with having bad thoughts. There is nothing you can … Read more

In Remembrance

November 11th is Remembrance Day, a day to pay our respects to all the men and women who fought for our freedom. I listened to a radio broadcast this afternoon in which Jian Ghomeshi interviewed Robert Fisk who is the Middle East war corespondent for the The Independent newspaper. He recently wrote an article, “Do … Read more

Our Inner Nuts

Imagine a nut directly in the center of your brain. That could be you. The self you. Likewise, that could be inside of me, the nut within. Doesn’t it seem natural to feel that way, self as a little core nugget? The inner sanctum, tucked just inside the shell. Imagine you lose grip on that … Read more

500 Unread Messages

500 unread emails? I was practicing esp. Watch. I just made a light flicker, did you notice? Ah, maybe not, but a moth noticed it somewhere. Then it was for that moth. I’m not totally up on posting etiquette, but my fellow sprites jog me to jot some notes. Follow the bouncing baphoon… I wonder … Read more


Funny how you don’t notice something until it’s gone. I drive past the same houses every day, on my way home from a hike in the woods. Just around a blind corner at the top of the street, a big grey 4×4 pickup truck is always parked in the same spot. With its suspension jacked … Read more

It’s here… ReadThisPlease is now on Book!

Yes we have made ReadThisPlease available, at your demand, on the new tactile sensory device called, ‘a book’. Volume One contains 416 rectangular shaped sheets of text—and when bound in this innovative, glossy-covered format, you can take it anywhere. Never needs charging, or batteries, or replacement ink. Thick, full of stories, poems, observations, reflections, and … Read more

Fish Tales For The Future

Steven Bird, contributor to ReadThisPlease and the Now, has been assembling an opportunity for enthusiasts and conservationists to share stories, anecdotes and resources for the betterment of the Columbia water basin in the Pacific Northwest. Click and visit.

Freedom Of Unwant

Freedom: The ideal. Freedom from or freedom to? Not having and not wanting, or having and wanting? We escape fear, loneliness and boredom by filling and emptying that void, euphoric at the acquisition and waste our idle minds create. Stewardship of the physical realm is a role our species took on with our claim to … Read more