Frequency: Awakening Intuition

Vibration and frequency affect people in varying ways. Some are enchanted, while others are annoyed. Consider that when we immerse in frequency, we might really be gazing down a passage. There maybe a frequency that is perfectly suited to you. If you find it, you may find a doorway. The following links lead to YouTube … Read more

Couldn’t Love You Any Other Way

I was never able to explain this, only that love found a way to make the unreasonable seem so natural. Inseparable soul mates take all shapes and sizes. Without love, all would be practical, logical, rational. But love’s a seeker—it finds you. And then, even though you may think you want an efficient relationship, love … Read more

Morning Frost

Laffy Girl

I can’t resist. She’s laughing so hard because she was the one playing saxophone.

Why does the world spin?

Oh, why does the world spin? Seems the show is all over when we just stumble in. While the moon hangs forever, we only begin. Oh, why does the world spin? You know why the world spins? The ancients have known since forever and then the game plan got lost as the sand trickled in. … Read more