The “R” Files

Attention to Detail Why open the door to … heartache?’ That’s what he said. My architectural photographer. Well, he’s not mine of course. He’s someone I have been corresponding with. He’s a bit wild looking, with longish black hair and turquoise-framed glasses. Indeed. Why? He lives a 55 minute commute away. ‘Why did you start … Read more

One Stupid Decision Away

There’s a saying I heard recently that goes something like this: ‘We are all just one stupid decision away from doing something that can negatively affect the rest of our lives.’ As I sat in the bank today waiting for one of the bank managers to fill out and print off all the documents needed … Read more

Between Sunset and Sunrise

Strange how a little piece of apparel can bring such change into one’s life. I’m speaking, of course, about the Little Black Dress mentioned a few posts back—here in the Now. To reiterate: I purchased this classy, little black dress and posted myself wearing it on my dating site. I’ve had an increased volume of … Read more