Picture Books Temporarily Offline

The little engine that powers our Picture book library blew a piston. It was fun while it lasted, but the ride ended. We are searching for a reliable virtual book plugin to bring back the photos and stories. We’ll post a notice when we find a suitable replacement. Thank you for your readership. – adminNOW

M Dawn’s Rainbow Book

  A little visual treat just in time for spring. We welcome readers to flip through the pages of our latest Picture Book by M Dawn, a selection of the sights and images from her world. Click the full screen icon, lower left. Check out more Picture Books by M Dawn and read her stories. … Read more

Mountain People

Now.readthisplease.com is featuring Adrienne’s experiences hiking and mountain climbing in the coastal range of British Columbia. Click here to read her first adventure installment and link to her picture book series, Into The Sky.   The mountain lures me. I will wake on a day off, excited to be heading out on the Sea to … Read more

Wild West Wood

There’s a new picture book on Now.readthisplease.com: Wild West Wood by back roads voyagers B and D Lewis. They’ve included rustic gems along the Nicola River, Kirkland Ranch Road, Deadman Road, and a couple of relics from along the lower Fraser in southwestern BC. Look for their images on Google Earth. Click here to view … Read more

Mystic Writer Foreshadows Party Boy Woes

In serendipitous fashion, Now.readthisplease.com recently posted an excerpt of The Witch, by B G Lewis. The timing was impeccable in the field of mystic foreshadowing. The post might have been predicting current events. Spooky. Party boy, C. Sheen, has just found himself in disfavor with a sect of Witches in Salem. Apparently, his sly wit … Read more

Dream of Chincoteague

Part two in a series by M Dawn Thacker. Click here for part one. “If it doesn’t snow, we’ll go President’s Day weekend. Ryan is out of school Monday and Tuesday, so we can make a long weekend of it,” Bruce announced after listening to me go on and on about Chincoteague for a week. … Read more

Textures and Shadows – Abstract Images

L G Ives presents samples from her recent series of exploratory abstracts. Everyday sights and images are suddenly unique and sublime through the lens and eye of Ives. Join us for a quick page tour and peek at some of the visuals she’s working with in Textures and Shadows, a Now.ReadThisPlease picture book.

The Witch – Prophecies Excerpt

What’s going on in the world? In 2004, a muse entered the mind of a writer and compelled a tale that seemingly reached into the past and described an era long ago. In 2007, on December 21, precisely five years before December 21, 2012, the short series of parables received registration in the National Archives … Read more

The Call of Chincoteague

Click here to view M Dawn’s sample picture book. Three weeks ago I fell in love, and not with a person.  I had been after Bruce for months to take off with me to a new destination, but his landscaping/mulching, and handyman business had not let up like it usually does in winter. I had … Read more

The Romantic and The Witch

An excerpt from the original chapbook, The Witch by B Lewis, exclusively for our Valentine readers. Included are three parables, The Romantic, The Fool, and The Sailor, as well as digitized images of the original sketches. By permission from the author and publisher. Click here to read the excerpt. Requires flash player. Some interesting facts … Read more

Icicles and Snow Picture Book

Icicles and Snow by M. Dawn Thacker A flash picture book from readthisplease.com featuring winter photography. Page through icicles on buckets, frozen on eaves, and dangling against a backdrop of brilliant blue sky. Dawn’s captured some great winter glimpses of her world in Virginia. We didn’t alter the colors at all. We really want to … Read more