Summer Memories – Picture of Paradise

For my readers, a screen saver of my summer…  Click to see. A  

Through a Screen

  Thanks guys. I loved the pic of the little bird with the screen, so I copied the idea! (oso was that your pic?) anyway. the little house is what used to sit at the front door of the nursing home. When the building was started, the little ‘cottage’ was moved to the back of … Read more

Traveling On Music Street

  From foggy N’awlins. (Did I spell that right?) Took many photos, haven’t gone through them all, but here’s one, turned b&w by computer magic, a guy playing cello (my favorite instrument) in the street. He was actually pretty good, at least to my ear. Ears are still ringing after a walk down Bourbon Street … Read more

Autumn Images by M Dawn

M Dawn Thacker is treating us to a few scenes near her home in beautiful Virginia. Enjoy, and best of the equinox to you and yours. Click images to enlarge.   Autumn Images © 2011 M Dawn Thacker. Visit our Picture Books Page and read M Dawn’s latest on

My Groovy Girl

The last chapter in M Dawn’s summer saga of the Larson Shark.   My Groovy Girl. I met her online, her bright image capturing my attention in a photograph. I dreamed of a life with her, adventure, and recreation. After seeing her in person, actually touching her, running my hand along her sleek side, I … Read more

Life Is A Beach: Something Heavy Looms

  Something heavy looms overhead, something heavier than the clouds gathering above the shoreline. Even the air felt dense, like walking through thick fog. People seemed in tune, a little more gentle, a little more aware, soaking up whatever peaceful moments the remaining weekend held. The pier was packed. Many with cameras, of which I … Read more

Life Is A Beach: Along The Shoreline

  We take our teenager to the beach today. He wants to show off his new swimming trunks, splash in the surf, girl-watch, and ride a few waves. Bruce and I don’t have to run after Ryan now, we can sit in beach chairs and let him swim on his own. He keeps us in … Read more

Life Is A Beach: Driftwood

  The beach is a place of refuge, a place to contemplate, or just look at half nude strangers. I especially like the beaches in the city; the sand is so fine your feet sink. Huge, strewn logs make for great hide-a-ways and a place to recline, if you want to read. The driftwood looks … Read more

Life is a Beach

Image by Sarah Scott   The Northern prairies do not have a lengthy bikini season. Rachel and Arlene starved themselves for three months in the spring in anticipation for the appearance of the hot summer sun warming their skin at the beach wearing a scandalously skimpy bathing suit. The only lake in their vicinity wasn’t … Read more

Finding A Quiet Place

  We all have a need for solace, to get away from the routine of life, seek out spirit. For me, I tromp down to the sandy shore or stroll through a nearby park, wade through a stream on the side of the road. There’s this quiet little hidden waterhole tucked away at the state … Read more

Saga Of The Larson Shark

  Part I: Left at T’s Corner It’s the first time I’ve been excited about the government auction website. Bruce trolls it like an online dater of heavy equipment. 1999 Ford F350/Powerstroke/Dual Wheel.”No Title” Morganton, NC; BUCKET Gallatin, TN; John Deere Bush Hog 1508 Nashville, TN; Greenhouse Frame Beaufort, SC… You get the idea—junk. I … Read more

M Dawn’s Rainbow Book

  A little visual treat just in time for spring. We welcome readers to flip through the pages of our latest Picture Book by M Dawn, a selection of the sights and images from her world. Click the full screen icon, lower left. Check out more Picture Books by M Dawn and read her stories. … Read more

Wild West Wood

There’s a new picture book on Wild West Wood by back roads voyagers B and D Lewis. They’ve included rustic gems along the Nicola River, Kirkland Ranch Road, Deadman Road, and a couple of relics from along the lower Fraser in southwestern BC. Look for their images on Google Earth. Click here to view … Read more

Quest for Chincoteague

The ongoing saga of one writer’s obsession to convince the world, and the stars, that she must live and write in Chincoteague, a quaint seaside village on the coast of Virginia. Click here to read previous installments. Or click here to see her picture book, Call of Chincoteague.   “The Real Estate agent sent us … Read more