Shades of Summer

  I haven’t been online much lately. The dating sites that is. Too much disappointment and I’ve lost any expectation that my man is just a click away. To be honest, I’m seeing Re-Run-Ron, and he is just what his name says. We had a one year live-in relationship a couple of years ago. It … Read more

Summer Memories – Picture of Paradise

For my readers, a screen saver of my summer…  Click to see. A  

Words On Cowboy Poetry From The High Prairie

Written by B Lewis for Somehow or other, seems cowboy poetry has taken on a big todo east of the Great Divide. All because of the timing of a runaway tale, I expect. Harry Reid, big city guy, made mention of the past time (?) to downtown folk when he was promoting a cowboy … Read more

Couldn’t Love You Any Other Way

I was never able to explain this, only that love found a way to make the unreasonable seem so natural. Inseparable soul mates take all shapes and sizes. Without love, all would be practical, logical, rational. But love’s a seeker—it finds you. And then, even though you may think you want an efficient relationship, love … Read more

Footprints in the Snow

Guess the footprints in the snow? A thief, a cheeky friend, early visitors, a person’s best friend, a prowler, an odd crossing, hominid, a clucker, and a four wheel drifter. Click to zoom through.

Speeding To The Reader’s Rescue

Writers: The forum is down for a bit and a technical looking person is examining the problem. Asap. Please leave any gripes, lectures, or rants in the comment box below. Be creative. Hey, readers! Welcome to Take a look around. There’s pages and pages of stories, poetry, observations, photo essays and more. We are … Read more